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3 on a Thursday: Gym, veggies, pants

1. Last night Ivan wasn't home, so the boys and I went to the gym. Ethan went to the circuit training room, but Asher joined me in the bigger weight room. There's this new area up on the side of the sprint track where they have dumbbells and benches, etc., off removed away from the… Continue reading 3 on a Thursday: Gym, veggies, pants

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Couple more misc. macros thoughts

I wanted to jot down a couple more thoughts about the macro tracking stuff! 1) Eating the same foods frequently makes macro tracking much easier. (I think I said this already recently.) 2) The hardest part isn't actually getting in all that protein, it's getting in all that protein without going over on carbs or… Continue reading Couple more misc. macros thoughts

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A successful first week and Apple+ Fitness!

Week One: ✅ I'm feeling really proud of myself, now one full week into this January Shred program I'm doing!! I've stuck to my prescribed macros every day, and for the first time in a million years, I hit my workout plan 100%. I did have to shift a couple workouts around, but no big… Continue reading A successful first week and Apple+ Fitness!

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Wednesday check in and workout tracking

Hello! I have nothing too exciting to share today- just checking in. Let's see. Macro Tracking: Day 2 So I successfully completed Day 2 of macro tracking. I mostly ate the same stuff as I did on Monday, which is definitely a great hack for simplifying macro tracking (assuming you don't mind eating some repetitive… Continue reading Wednesday check in and workout tracking

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Over the 8 day hump/ nutrition podcast rec

I'm happy to report that I am still tracking my macros. Yesterday was Day 8. "Day 8" (or thereabouts) tends to be my kryptonite. Usually, any time I try to implement a change, or do a "program" (like when I tried repeatedly to do the #75Hard program...), I go forth strong for...about 8 days. I… Continue reading Over the 8 day hump/ nutrition podcast rec

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My meals of the week (with macros)

Okay! Will try to blab on less today and just share some stats. I started tracking on Monday. I'll try to list the approximate times I ate, too, if I can remember. Reminder- P= protein, F= fat, C= carbohydrates. My daily "goals" were: P 127, F 50, C 134, ~1,500 calories Monday Daily Totals:Calories: 1,477119P/… Continue reading My meals of the week (with macros)

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More on macro tracking/ continued

Sample Check-in w/ Trainer: Each week I had to check in with my trainer with the following info: Weight todayWeight at startWeight change (+ or - ) from last weekList macros I actually consumed each day (Protein/ Fat/ Carbs- I tracked daily in My Fitness Pal app)How is your energy? How is your hunger?How is… Continue reading More on macro tracking/ continued