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Pondering: G.R. and extreme diet changes

It's been an enjoyable weekend so far. Yesterday I NEEDED some open time to catch up on some things- I had been persistently sort of ignoring my personal email inbox honestly since we got home from Costa Rica. I mean, I had dealt with the must-dos, but it had just really accumulated and needed attention.… Continue reading Pondering: G.R. and extreme diet changes

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Type A- and spring scenes

As many of you might also, I feel like I hear reference to "Type A" personalities a lot. It seems to come up frequently in casual conversation. Example: Dealing with volunteer committee issues, and someone will comment that so- and so (who dropped the ball on something or is generally disorganized) apparently isn't very "Type… Continue reading Type A- and spring scenes

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Couple more misc. macros thoughts

I wanted to jot down a couple more thoughts about the macro tracking stuff! 1) Eating the same foods frequently makes macro tracking much easier. (I think I said this already recently.) 2) The hardest part isn't actually getting in all that protein, it's getting in all that protein without going over on carbs or… Continue reading Couple more misc. macros thoughts

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Update on my adding/subtracting habit plan + some fitness “advice”

November is almost over, which means my goal of adding a specific habit for the month of November is almost over, too. If you recall, I talked about this idea in this post. I have really enjoyed focusing on just ONE THING for a month. I chose to start with "adding" a good habit (versus… Continue reading Update on my adding/subtracting habit plan + some fitness “advice”