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On Monday, I had two podcast episodes back to back in my podcast subscription feed that were, ironically, both about the topic of routines. I am a big fan of routines in general, so these were fun to listen to! They were very different styles and sort of tackled different angles of routines. 1- Best Laid Plans – Routines and…

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Ethan’s new adventure! +podcast rec

I’m writing about ~40 minutes later than usual this morning, because due to another winter storm (this time involving freezing rain AND snow…oh joy), school is virtual today. The decision was made yesterday afternoon already, which was I guess nice for planning purposes. I’m okay with a slower morning and I begged the boys to SLEEP IN for once, since…

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Maybe it’s okay to let go sometimes…and, Travel Tuesday!

 I’ve had a thought rolling around in my head intermittently since a week or so ago when I listened to an episode of the podcast The Mom Hour. I believe it was Episode 279, titled “Home Learning Success Strategies + Our Kids’ Fall Schooling Update.” They were talking about how virtual learning was going for them currently- one host lives in…

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#75 Hard Challenge….err…#75 easy.

 Have any of you heard of the #75 Hard challenge?? It’s been floating around for quite a while now- at least a couple of years I think- and has made its way to my social media feeds numerous times by now. If you haven’t heard of it, this is what it is: *a “willpower or mental toughness” challenge (NOT a…

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“Elevate the Everyday”

Last year I listened to a podcast episode that really stuck with me, to the point that I have thought about it quite frequently over this past year. Turns out- it was from way back in September 2019, and I still find myself thinking about it, so I figured I should share here!It was a Before Breakfast episode called “Elevate the…

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