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Update on my adding/subtracting habit plan + some fitness “advice”

November is almost over, which means my goal of adding a specific habit for the month of November is almost over, too. If you recall, I talked about this idea in this post. I have really enjoyed focusing on just ONE THING for a month. I chose to start with "adding" a good habit (versus… Continue reading Update on my adding/subtracting habit plan + some fitness “advice”

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Adding/ subtracting and a productive Thursday

Adding/ Subtracting Habits: One of the people I read about in Tribe of Mentors talked about his custom of making "New Month Resolutions" instead of "New Year Resolutions". Specifically, he rotates between either ADDING a habit or SUBTRACTING a daily habit. The examples he personally gave in the book were: July = Daily readingAugust= No… Continue reading Adding/ subtracting and a productive Thursday

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September/ Slashing my 22 for 22 list

Happy September! Today is officially Back to School. Always lots of feelings- mostly seems like an attitude of "begrudging", from the boys, if that's a word. As in, they will go, obviously, but begrudgingly. Reluctantly. (It kind of annoys me that they seem SO ho-hum about back to school...I always found it at least somewhat… Continue reading September/ Slashing my 22 for 22 list

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30 day challenges

So far, so good with my "March" challenge to limit social media to only 15 minutes per day. Besides using the timer, I'm not imposing any other limits of when I can use it. So, most days I end up checking facebook several times during the morning-early afternoon. And then I run out of time… Continue reading 30 day challenges

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Not my week/ March social media plans

This has just not been my week. I can't believe it's Friday already, but also am glad that it is. Monday- Tuesday were spent feeling crummy with my cold, which got significantly more unpleasant as Monday progressed. I've sneezed about 7,246 times this week. Tuesday I ended up logging off of work by 10 am… Continue reading Not my week/ March social media plans

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Tracking family activities

Coco asked me yesterday how I'm planning to track "family" or "fun" activities (one of my goals for 2022). My planner (the Wonderland 222) has these quarterly pages in the front of the planner (see above). Last year, I didn't really end up using these pages too much. The monthly boxes are obviously quite small… Continue reading Tracking family activities

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2022 Word of the Year

It's February 16, so we're technically still in the beginning of the year. Right? Not too late for some "New Year's-esque" posts. Last year in 2021 my word was PEACE. I had picked that obviously very mid-pandemic- end of 2020/ early 2021. But for me, that choice wasn't really about the pandemic specifically or making… Continue reading 2022 Word of the Year