Gratitude Challenge Day 13

When was the last time you were overcome with joy? “Overcome with joy” sounds like a tall order… I envision that meaning an exceptionally full, emotional experience of something being just SO SO SO amazing!! And while I have many really “great” moments in day to day life, I’m not sure I’m officially “overcome with joy” every single day. 🙂…

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Favorite place in the world

Gratitude Challenge Day 11: What is your favorite place, and why? I like a lot of places, and this question could be answered a million ways. Of course, MY HOME with my family is very, very high on the list. But I have to go with the answer that came to mind instantly. It’s the place that, when someone says,…

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Weekend misc. + final bedroom reveal

We had a good weekend. It felt full, but productive and relaxing at the same time. Saturday: Saturday was the “busy” day. Ethan had a basketball game at 8 am at his school and had to be there by 7:30. So that was a pretty early start. Ethan’s team had a tournament, so the 8 am game was Game #1…

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I still haven’t had time to finalize my 22 for 2022 list, which I started on New Year’s Eve. In a way I’m okay with it, because I feel like I’m sort of having a dry run/ trial week this week. I’ve been floating some of the ideas in my head, but not feeling any pressure to fully implement anything…

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