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Positive quotes

Every morning in my little "highlight journal", I jot down a positive quote. (In between my daily summary paragraph (top part) and my bullet journal style recap (bottom half) which tracks my workouts, meals, accomplishments, gratitude, etc.) I thought I'd share a few I've written down lately: "Don't base your decisions on the advice of… Continue reading Positive quotes

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Some complaints + gratitude :)

The end of this week has felt overwhelming to me. Despite our heat wave, which has been a welcome change, and has made everything feel nice, bright and very "summery". But I don't know, I just feel...overwhelmed. My brain dump list from last week has remained untouched, except I've thought of a bunch of things… Continue reading Some complaints + gratitude 🙂

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A burning dinner question + 2 gratitude quotes

Part A: Why does it always seem to take 3 hours to clean up from dinner? Seriously, is this just me? It doesn't matter what we have, it seems like it always takes forever to fully clean up the kitchen!! And I do generally recruit help- it's not like everyone just ditches me. (Though, I'll… Continue reading A burning dinner question + 2 gratitude quotes

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Weekend misc. + final bedroom reveal

We had a good weekend. It felt full, but productive and relaxing at the same time. Saturday: Saturday was the "busy" day. Ethan had a basketball game at 8 am at his school and had to be there by 7:30. So that was a pretty early start. Ethan's team had a tournament, so the 8… Continue reading Weekend misc. + final bedroom reveal

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A peaceful walk destination & Gratitude Challenge Days 8 and 9

Friday night there was a high school swim meet being held at our local high school, so Asher's club team had to go practice in another city ~20 minutes away to find pool time. I drove him out there for 5 pm practice, and since it was farther from home, I had to just stay… Continue reading A peaceful walk destination & Gratitude Challenge Days 8 and 9

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2021 Workout recap + 2022 plan

Well, this was eye opening. If you had asked me, "Did you workout a lot in 2021?", I think I would have probably answered, "Yeah, most days! Some stretches here and there I got off track, but overall, yes, more often than not." But data doesn't lie. 🙂 Here are my stats from 2021: *(small… Continue reading 2021 Workout recap + 2022 plan