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3 on a Thursday: Gym, veggies, pants

1. Last night Ivan wasn’t home, so the boys and I went to the gym. Ethan went to the circuit training room, but Asher joined me in the bigger weight room.

There’s this new area up on the side of the sprint track where they have dumbbells and benches, etc., off removed away from the actual weight room. It’s so nice!! It’s like your own private station.

I do enjoy that Asher wants to work out with me. At the same time, I am traditionally very much a solo exerciser. It’s always “my time”- alone. I’m trying to remember that he may not even WANT to work out with me much longer, so I want to cherish this and not wish it away. 🙂

(It also takes a lot longer when you’re with someone else. My shoulder/triceps workout that took me 37 minutes last week took 58 minutes last night…. but oh well.)

2. I’m so happy with my recent influx of fruits and veggies while macro tracking!

I’m not specifically trying to hit a certain amount of them, but it just makes sense that fruits and veggies are lower calorie, higher volume foods, anyway. In the last couple of days, I’ve had:

  • sweet potato
  • grapes
  • blackberries
  • broccoli
  • zucchini
  • bell peppers
  • spinach

After the gym I made these shredded chicken quesadillas:

I had cooked several chicken breasts the other day, so I just shredded one of them (3.5 oz) and then sauteed it in some of my homemade salsa verde quickly. Then topped with 1.5 oz cheese inside 2 flour tortillas and done.

Total for plate: Protein=40, Carbs= 43, Fat= 20, 548 calories
inside view of the gooey cheese and salsa + chicken

3- A serious question:

Why do clothing companies generally sell women’s pants in 2-4-6-8 etc sizes, in one length??

I’m not asking hypothetically… like I seriously want to understand this.

I saw these cute dress pants online, was interested, clicked on them, and sure enough-sizing went 2, 4, 6, etc…. no tall options, inseam was like 26 inches. Which would hit me in the middle of the shin.

Yet men can buy all pants in their specific waist x length size. Why aren’t women’s pants sold waist by length?? I want to know.

Does anyone else find this just ridiculous?? I mean, what, are all women the same height?? It seems absurd that if I am shopping for pants at almost 5’9″ and another woman also needs pants, but she is 5’3″, that we are going to have to buy the same exact pants??? How could they possibly fit both of us, with drastically different leg lengths?

(I know there are tall options out there, but the default seems to usually be a single length for most styles. Also, the tall options are usually quite limited. Like I was looking at some other pants, and they had them in 9-10 different fun color and pattern choices. Then I clicked the “tall” button, and it reduced my choices to the 3 most basic colors.)

I was complaining about this to Ivan (who is not tall for a guy), and said, “Well how would you like it if you were expected to wear the same length pants as X (a guy we know who is 6’5″)??” He agreed that he would not like that. It’s insane, and doesn’t make sense.

Okay, have a good day all!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for some newly remodeled areas at the gym which are very nice.

10 thoughts on “3 on a Thursday: Gym, veggies, pants”

  1. I agree that the sizing for women does not make sense. It assumes that your height is proportional to your sizing/general weight level. I’m not as tall as you, but I can struggle with this at 5’7″. Men’s clothing in general has so much more customization. Like buying dress shirts is so confusing because I think it factors in like neck size or something like that? It’s like clothing makers assume there will be more fluctuation in mens weight/size but that’s not the case for women. I know those who need petites struggle with this as well!

    That quesadilla looks so good! I wish corn tortillas were less “crumply.” I have made quesadillas with them, but flour tortillas are WAY easier to work with!


    1. A good corn tortilla makes for wonderful quesadillas! But they are nearly impossible to find in the U.S. The fresh corn tortillas in Mexico are totally different than the ones you can buy here, even when we buy them from the Mexican stores. But the basic corn tortillas in packages here in the grocery stores are so bad…. comparatively speaking.


  2. It’s such a lovely thing to see you being such a good role model for your boys. Sure, adding twenty minutes to your workout isn’t the awesomest, but if you add up the time spent together, that will really stick with them. I never saw either or my parents ever exercise and I imagine if I had, it might have changed my impression/relationship to movement. Great job!


    1. Yes, that’s a good point! My dad exercised and swam laps when I was a kid, and I know my mom used the Y when I was younger, but then nothing much when we were teens as she just didn’t seem to have time, I guess. I think for me, since I was really involved with volleyball and other school sports, it became a way of life early on. Like all through high school I had practice every day, and then we lifted weights in the summer, and I got my own junior Y membership in high school too to use in the off season from volleyball. Since both of the boys are in sports, I’m hopeful the same thing will happen for them- especially because they do see me exercising. I wish my husband actively exercised more… he loves to play soccer but that is only dependent on when he has games. He’s a stubborn one though- he says he “doesn’t like the gym”, which is fine… but he doesn’t actively seek out another option, either! I give up on pushing him though- it ultimately has to be his choice. He likes biking or walking in the summer, but not much happens in the winter. He has no interest in lifting weights, either, which is weird because as you know, I love to lift…. oh well…


  3. I also like to run/exercise alone as it’s time to think or let me thoughts come out freely. but I remind myself that running with Sofia is a bounding experience and that she wouldn’t run alone if it’s not with me, so I’m embracing it and most of the days I’m glad that we shared that run experience.
    your food looks so yummy I haven’t had a quesadilla for so long.
    you are tall so I guess I see your point.. I’m rather petite so I have the other problem which is easier to solve than yours. I thought some brands have longer pants?


    1. Yeah, it’s so great that you and Sofia run together like that!! She definitely would not do that without out (nor would you let her go out running alone at 6 am, I’m sure!! haha). So that’s awesome that she likes it and it’s something she’ll always remember she did with her mom. 🙂


  4. Women’s pant sizing is absurd – the same size is not at ALL standard (even at the same stores sometimes!!), and the length options you get are so often kind of ridiculous. I’d prefer 31-32 inch inseam, which is JUST a touch longer than regular, but talls are often too long (I’m 5’9” but with kind of a long torso) – I do often get tall in shirts though which I appreciate!! Anyway yes it’s a constant struggle.


    1. YES that was another thing I didn’t mention- that even if there ARE talls, then those can be too long. I’m right around your height but I do have longer legs. Even so, some of those tall inseams are made for women who are 6 ft tall+. The best is when they have like a “long” option, and then a separate “tall” line. Then usually the long is more what I need. But it’s pretty limited to actually find that in all styles and types of pants- it’s hit or miss. Then they have to have it in your size…. which who ever knows what THAT is, because it’s different in every store…. oh, but all the long options are usually “online only”, so then THAT is another fun part about it, trying to order all these different sizes and having to return them…ugh!! 😩


  5. This post makes me think UK clothes are maybe a bit better at offering tall options. I’m almost 6 feet tall and I have horrid memories of wearing school uniforms with trousers too short, there just weren’t the tall options around… but now it’s really common for most clothes stores to have tall and even extra tall options! I’ll have to mail you some long “Pants” (pants here = underwear ;-). )


  6. Oh, don’t get me started… SO MUCH about women’s clothing sizes does NOT make sense. (I mean, why do I have shirts in all sizes between XS to L in my closet? And why do bra companies think bigger cup sizes start at bandsize 34?)


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