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Weekend snapshots + shoes for Costa Rica

Tuesday already! These past few days were a blur. The weekend was highly dominated by Asher's swim meet both Saturday and Sunday. But first, on Friday night we still squeezed in our date night: Switched it up from nachos and got a big quesadilla to share instead! Neither macro friendly nor low carb, but, delicious.… Continue reading Weekend snapshots + shoes for Costa Rica

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3 on a Thursday: Gym, veggies, pants

1. Last night Ivan wasn't home, so the boys and I went to the gym. Ethan went to the circuit training room, but Asher joined me in the bigger weight room. There's this new area up on the side of the sprint track where they have dumbbells and benches, etc., off removed away from the… Continue reading 3 on a Thursday: Gym, veggies, pants

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Foreign language requirements: high school/ college

I only have a couple minutes, but just jotting down a little thought here quickly: So, Ethan just received all the info yesterday about registering for high school classes next year. (!!!!! EEK.) We now have a couple weeks to sort out which electives/ optional classes he wants to select to fill in his freshman… Continue reading Foreign language requirements: high school/ college

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Snow day morning 1990 vs 2022

1990....age ~7 Wake up before alarm goes off (and anyone else). Never mind that every other day of the year you have to drag yourself out of bed. A snowstorm was forecasted last night! Peek out dark bedroom window and try to determine from the neighbor's backyard bushes exactly how much snow fell. Next, scurry… Continue reading Snow day morning 1990 vs 2022

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Advent calendar season + St. Nick

It's Advent calendar season. As you probably are too, I am seeing a lot of things about advent calendars and advent season around right now. It's a lovely tradition. I especially love the idea of doing something special every day leading up to Christmas, not just the "open a door and get a candy" variety.… Continue reading Advent calendar season + St. Nick

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Officially a teenage household

Well, it's happened. We are officially a household of "teenagers", and only teenagers. Asher turned 13 today!!! I've been referring to the boys as "teens" for a while now, since Ethan is in fact 14 at this point. But since Asher was only 12 until today, I would often say things like, "Yeah, I have… Continue reading Officially a teenage household