Highs, lows and life lessons

Hello! I’m back again. Asher had another swim meet out of town this past weekend (actually, in my HOME TOWN and versus the swim team that I swam for briefly in elementary school). We stayed with my parents to avoid driving back and forth. It was a great weekend overall. Like last time, pretty relaxing. Lots of just hanging around,…

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Ethan’s new adventure! +podcast rec

I’m writing about ~40 minutes later than usual this morning, because due to another winter storm (this time involving freezing rain AND snow…oh joy), school is virtual today. The decision was made yesterday afternoon already, which was I guess nice for planning purposes. I’m okay with a slower morning and I begged the boys to SLEEP IN for once, since…

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I’m so excited right now! I only have two minutes to write, but just letting you all know I’ll be MIA this next week. We very spontaneously decided to plan a last minute trip for the boys- a SURPRISE trip- and we leave this morning. We have never surprised the kids with a vacation before, and they are going to…

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Pick. Up. Your. Stuff.

The kids have been home fulltime again for over 4 weeks now. (They went virtual Monday of Thanksgiving week.) I am feeling READY for them to go back to school. With the colder weather and no sports happening AND now no school (winter break) to keep them occupied, I am just feeling like there is not really enough for them…

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Virtual school update

We are now almost done with Week 2 of our temporary switch to virtual school for the holiday season. One more week until Christmas break. Then they’ll have 1 more week virtual after break before hopefully going back to school on January 11th. It’s going waaaaaay better than previous attempts. I am kind of shocked, actually. The kids are doing…

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