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Exercise intensity and a great newsletter

Two very random, different topics for today: Exercise intensity: How hard do you really need to work?? This is one of my miscellaneous musings that kind of rolls around in my head for a while, and then eventually works its way out into a blog post. Haha. A couple weeks ago, an old college friend… Continue reading Exercise intensity and a great newsletter


A poll: audio habits while exercising

I've been wanting to ask this for a while, and truthfully, I also just wanted to try out this "poll" feature in WordPress. lol!! (Sorry if it doesn't actually work or something- first time.) Here is my burning question of the day: I've been mulling this topic over for a long time now. When I… Continue reading A poll: audio habits while exercising

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Macro tracking: the negative side

A nice sample of a balanced breakfast: Fruit Loops! (treat mode) with unsweetened cashew milk, plus 1 egg, 2 egg whites, pepper jack cheese, arugula and salsa verde. Great combo of macronutrients while mixing fun foods and healthy foods. P21, C 29, F11, 306 calories. Okay, okay, okay, okay.....I realize this entire post could come… Continue reading Macro tracking: the negative side