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“A day in the life” on a busy Wednesday, driving in circles

I AM TIRED. Yesterday was actually an overall good day, but it just felt exhausting. I think because I just did a lot of different things, which made it feel extra long, lots of context switching, etc. I also spent a huge chunk of the early evening literally driving around in circles. Wednesdays have morphed… Continue reading “A day in the life” on a busy Wednesday, driving in circles

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Kids, Chores and Allowances

I did some actual CARDIO at the gym yesterday (the stairmill) after my shoulders/triceps workout. Crazy, I know, because I'm not usually big on traditional cardio. While I climbed stairs, I listened to this recent The Mom Hour episode about household chores. It got me thinking about a couple of things: #1- It would be… Continue reading Kids, Chores and Allowances

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Summer screen time plan: Downtime

Summer vacation is a mere two days away now!! We've been trying to start thinking through our summer screen time plans. I think we might be onto something that will work for us, and it involves the use of the iPhone's "Downtime" feature. We tried to think about what matters to our boys, and discussed… Continue reading Summer screen time plan: Downtime

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Heat wave and teens/compromise

It's Hot We've entered summer, apparently, here in Wisconsin.... never mind that just last week we seemed firmly on the outskirts of winter. Spring just never showed up this year. It was 90 degrees yesterday. !!!! I heard on the news that it was actually a record high temperature for May 10. I finally caved… Continue reading Heat wave and teens/compromise

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Picking your battles wisely (with kids)

A friend shared a post on Facebook yesterday that I absolutely loved. These are the types of posts that I truly live for on social media- it felt insightful, relevant, valuable and it spoke to me. I clicked "save!" "save!" as fast as I could. 😉 The main point I took away was that parenting… Continue reading Picking your battles wisely (with kids)

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A 12 year old’s perception of “free time”

Asher is really busy right now. Obviously he is back in school, but he also has play practice after school, volleyball Tuesday/ Thursday and swim practice almost every night. It's a lot! Possibly (probably?) bordering on "too much", but we decided to allow it because it's a fairly short period in time. (The play is… Continue reading A 12 year old’s perception of “free time”