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Quotes on parenting + mental load

I did listen to the Best of Both Worlds episode on Division of Labor & Mental Load the other day, and I found myself nodding along with interviewee Allison Daminger. I was out walking, so I snapped some screenshots to remember particular segments that spoke to me. This is a topic I feel like I would love to sit and…

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Kids trying new things…when to push?

This summer one of Ethan’s activities has been a local track club. He’d never tried track before, but a close friend was signing up and asked if he wanted to try it. He had been a little unsure initially, even though I really think he’s pretty good at running/ has potential to be. (Unlike Asher, who has really never liked…

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Simple Man

Quick update: I accomplished all 3 of my Today’s 3 Things from yesterday. Score! I called to unlock our Edvest account that I couldn’t log into. I got Asher’s band lesson rescheduled for next week. And, I went to the gym- despite having an unexpected thing come up that caused me to bump it to a little later in the…

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