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A current diet “hack” that’s working pretty nicely for me

Okay, I'm not sure if "hack" is really the right word. But bear with me. I've not been tracking macros or anything specifically lately. I also am not on any official mission to "clean up my diet" or anything, either. But in the past couple weeks, I have found myself trying to sort of intuitively… Continue reading A current diet “hack” that’s working pretty nicely for me

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My meals of the week (with macros)

Okay! Will try to blab on less today and just share some stats. I started tracking on Monday. I'll try to list the approximate times I ate, too, if I can remember. Reminder- P= protein, F= fat, C= carbohydrates. My daily "goals" were: P 127, F 50, C 134, ~1,500 calories Monday Daily Totals:Calories: 1,477119P/… Continue reading My meals of the week (with macros)

Friday 5

Friday 5: fall books, XC, meals, WFH & workouts!

I haven't done one of these in a long time! Feeling it today, though. 🙂 1- It is fall. Being the fall loving person that I am, I know it's odd I haven't addressed this fact yet on the blog. We are actually having a snap of cooler (but in a lovely, beautiful way, not… Continue reading Friday 5: fall books, XC, meals, WFH & workouts!


A better Tuesday

I'm happy to report that Tuesday, September 14, was exponentially better than Tuesday, September 7. 🙂 It was still our "busiest" day of the week....Ethan had piano right after school AND soccer later. Asher had cross country right after school AND swim later. I have to drive to/ from piano, and do CC pick up.… Continue reading A better Tuesday