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3 on a Thursday: Gym, veggies, pants

1. Last night Ivan wasn't home, so the boys and I went to the gym. Ethan went to the circuit training room, but Asher joined me in the bigger weight room. There's this new area up on the side of the sprint track where they have dumbbells and benches, etc., off removed away from the… Continue reading 3 on a Thursday: Gym, veggies, pants

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Current feelings and bullet points

WHEW, okay, the weekend is over, swim meet is over, Christmas is ALMOST HERE and there is a legit blizzard approaching fast. Current feelings: Feeling= Exhausted The swim meet all went smoothly, but it's just a long and full weekend. No major issues, thankfully. Most people showed up and did what they were supposed to,… Continue reading Current feelings and bullet points

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A Broadway night and the end of appt. overload?

Pretty Woman!! Last night Ivan and I went to see the Broadway musical Pretty Woman! On a Wednesday night, at 7:30 p.m.! Definitely classifies as an adventure this week, though with our fall weekend + my birthday + now this, this whole past week has felt extra adventurous. Side note- for Laura's "one little adventure,… Continue reading A Broadway night and the end of appt. overload?