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Wednesday check in and workout tracking

Hello! I have nothing too exciting to share today- just checking in. Let's see. Macro Tracking: Day 2 So I successfully completed Day 2 of macro tracking. I mostly ate the same stuff as I did on Monday, which is definitely a great hack for simplifying macro tracking (assuming you don't mind eating some repetitive… Continue reading Wednesday check in and workout tracking

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My meals of the week (with macros)

Okay! Will try to blab on less today and just share some stats. I started tracking on Monday. I'll try to list the approximate times I ate, too, if I can remember. Reminder- P= protein, F= fat, C= carbohydrates. My daily "goals" were: P 127, F 50, C 134, ~1,500 calories Monday Daily Totals:Calories: 1,477119P/… Continue reading My meals of the week (with macros)

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Tracking family activities

Coco asked me yesterday how I'm planning to track "family" or "fun" activities (one of my goals for 2022). My planner (the Wonderland 222) has these quarterly pages in the front of the planner (see above). Last year, I didn't really end up using these pages too much. The monthly boxes are obviously quite small… Continue reading Tracking family activities

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More on weekly audit + ?? TRAVEL and other misc.

Coco asked me yesterday how I kept track of everything for the "weekly audit" review I posted. In reality, I don't normally keep track of my week exactly according to those categories. Yesterday morning I sat down in a special attempt to do a weekly audit, and brainstormed those 7 categories as general areas of… Continue reading More on weekly audit + ?? TRAVEL and other misc.

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Getting unstuck/ daily habits/ streaks

I have heard the same general "message" in several different places in the past week, so it must mean the universe is whispering it loudly to me. Daily Habits > Once in a While! It started last week when I listened to an episode of the 5 am Miracle podcast titled "5 Bad Habits I… Continue reading Getting unstuck/ daily habits/ streaks