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Overcoming a mental hurdle, books + a meal plan!

Mental hurdle: a busy gym I love our local gym, but guess what? So do a lot of other people. And this makes me happy, because it's locally owned by a couple (and the owners are super nice), AND our gym provides an AMAZING place for teens and pre-teens to hang out somewhere safe and… Continue reading Overcoming a mental hurdle, books + a meal plan!

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Tech Use/ Screen Time Widget + early 2023

If one of your goals for this year is to decrease mindless phone/ tech use, check out this article from Techno Sapiens! She shares a bunch of great ideas for ways to cut back on your screen time. Even though I haven't included cutting screen time as a major goal for my year (those are… Continue reading Tech Use/ Screen Time Widget + early 2023

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2022 Word of the Year

It's February 16, so we're technically still in the beginning of the year. Right? Not too late for some "New Year's-esque" posts. Last year in 2021 my word was PEACE. I had picked that obviously very mid-pandemic- end of 2020/ early 2021. But for me, that choice wasn't really about the pandemic specifically or making… Continue reading 2022 Word of the Year

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Too many ideas, not enough time

February 1st today!! We're 1/12 of the way through 2022. Crazy. "It's a long month...." You often hear people lament that January is a long, slow month- it's the thick of winter, the holidays are over, everyone is trying to implement their "New Year's resolutions"'s kind of like one big, long Monday all month long.… Continue reading Too many ideas, not enough time