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Fake spring & workout completion!

I knew it would happen….it always does. We had the most gorgeous weather last week. We hit 60 degrees, the kids even wore SHORTS to school almost everyday (ridiculous- it was not that warm, but whatever. I am 100% over arguing with small people about what they will or will not wear, considering that it also wasn’t so cold that…

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Results proportional to effort…. and yummy food

I’ve been feeling a little lacking in motivation lately, kind of. It’s a little hard to explain. It’s more that I feel like on the whole, I’m not as “hard core” on certain things as I used to be. I can’t decide if I actually care or not. Around ~2015 or so when I got super into strength training, I…

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Back in the saddle!

Milestone day! I went back to the gym yesterday! Since the pandemic, I’ve only been there to swim with Asher or to drop the boys off for their workout classes. As someone who was a 4-6 day/week gym goer for YEARS prior to COVID, this is crazy. Actually, looking back at my records, the last time I went to the…

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Gratitude, Misc.

Friday feels

Friday Woot, woot, it’s Friday. Overall, another good week around here. I think I credit a week of pretty predictable/ routine days. I’m totally a creature of habit, generally speaking, so when too many things jump in and shake up my weeks, I can get crabby. (Like, say, a random school event from 5-7 on a Tuesday. Or an unexpected…

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