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This and that

I slept like total garbage last night. Sort of. I slept really great from 10 pm until 2 am, and then woke up. After laying there awake until ~4:20, I finally got up. In case you are wondering what time the birds wake up in my area (and start chirping), it is precisely 4:02 a.m. I kept thinking how grateful…

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Happy May Day! New month + April recap

New month! And, it’s May- which means we are officially out of my least desired two months of the year- March and April. From here it’s mostly smooth sailing. Weather will warm up pretty soon now consistently, then summer is always lovely, followed by my favorite (fall), and on to the holidays/winter, both seasons I really like. Once that yucky…

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Monday: gratitude goals, family time and kids’ books

Currently= 37, High= 70. Just a modest 43 degree spread….:) Seems a little crazy, but bring on 70! I love my calendar quote from today. The gratitude thing is always easy when everything goes your way, so I especially like the reminders that point out that the ultimate goal is to be grateful always– highs and lows. Practice, practice, practice…..…

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Sunday gratitude

A Sunday gratitude brain dump: We got to watch Ethan’s soccer game last night, and my parents met us there. He scored the first goal of the game and it was a beautiful one. I’m grateful no one blinked, looked away, accidentally missed it, etc. 🙂 (Every parent with kids in sports knows what I mean?? Why does this always…

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A fun start to the weekend

Last night felt like a busy, but fun, start to the weekend. Asher had received an invite to play laser tag right after school at a local bowling alley with the 5 other boys in his school cohort (same boys that are together all day, every day- plus masked). He was really happy to get to go do something SOCIAL!!…

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