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3 Random kid updates

I overslept today….darn it. I hate when that happens! I made the mistake of leaving my phone (alarm) on my nightstand and wound up hitting the snooze button several times. (I usually keep it on other side of the room, so I have to GET UP to turn my alarm off…). Anyway, 3 brief, random kid-related updates: 1- Ethan picked…

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Life, Travel

Exciting news

I was not originally going to share this quite yet, because I don’t want to “tempt the fates” and all of that….but then I decided… You know what, Universe? I’m not playing your games anymore. I’m confident that things are going to work out this time, in my favor. So, I’m going to say it out loud, now that it’s…

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Life, Weekends


Taking another pause from trip recaps, and instead bringing you what I’m going to call a 5-4-3-2-1 Weekend Recap. I’m going to rank some weekend events from 5 (highest/best) to 1 (lowest). Fortunately, nothing was truly too bad this weekend, though. 🙂 5 The highest spot goes to….Ethan and basketball. He had one game Saturday (a loss) and one on…

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Life, Misc.

Upcoming & Daily Life

Friday already!! Turns out having Monday and Tuesday off makes the week go by pretty fast. Taking a pause from my trip recap because those are time intensive to put together!! No need to stress myself to get them up in any certain order. Hopefully can get another day or two done this weekend. Speaking of the weekend, we have…

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