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Camp pick-up/ New Month/Social Media

First, I did finally successfully complete my grocery trip yesterday morning. Store was EMPTY, which I am certain was probably not the case last night or will be anytime today with the holiday weekend upon us. So happy to have a stocked fridge again! It was Ethan’s last day at camp and Asher had summer school, so the house was…

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Some overwhelm

UGH, I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I hate saying that, because honestly, my life is really not that difficult (at ALL) compared to so many others’. Still, I have had a definite feeling of some “overwhelm” going on for a while now. I think I generally handle busy-ness fine, maybe better than average?? I’m pretty used to…

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Social Media Break

My #1 impression so far, after using probably 99% less social media this week than I have any week in the past 10+ years: The old adage is true. “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” (Lose it= the desire to use it.) I am quite honestly SHOCKED at how I feel about this whole experiment. Backing up a…

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3 Things Thursday

1. Something I’m happy about/ proud of: Asher decided to give open water swimming another try! He did a 1.2 mile lake swim race last summer, which he was really nervous about it but did it. This season, his swim team has some lake practices and a couple open water events on the calendar, but Asher had pretty firmly said…

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Weekend + Kid-free time!!!

This has been a really glorious weekend so far. Saturday I spent a bunch of time alone with the boys. Ethan had a soccer game an hour north of here at 9 am, but Ivan had to work for a bit so I took them by myself. Weather was really nice and afterwards we stopped at a huge antique mall.…

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