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Level 38

I’m going to steal my friend 5 am Joel‘s custom of referring to birthdays as “levels”. As in, “I have now reached Level 38 in the game of life.” 🙂 Go me! Haha. I’ve seen him use this in his emails and it always makes me chuckle. Life DOES feel like some kind of weird (maybe a little sick and…

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7 am vs 7 pm, birthday weekend, return to gym?

I’m kind of excited that my birthday falls on a weekend this year!! I’m feeling the whole “birthday weekend” idea. Normally I don’t really care a whole lot about my birthday…I am not someone who takes the whole week off work, books a bunch of special things to do, etc. But I do love the month of October, and right…

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So like I said, Ivan is home! It sounds like he had an awesome time in Mexico. He LOVES going back. I think he really, really misses “home”- even though he also loves living in the U.S. (and has for many years now). But he misses his family. And largely, his culture. He is very close with many extended family…

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Family Fun, Kids, Life

Some fall fun

I think because it’s been so warm, I’m having a hard time believing that it’s already October 13th today. But it is! We haven’t done too much yet in the way of “fall fun”. I’m thinking this probably isn’t going to be the year that we do “all the things” for fall. With the various house projects going on, the…

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Busy Friday!

I have a busy day today. Usually my Fridays tend to be “lighter” in everything (both personal and work related). But today is full of a bunch of randomness! Just glanced over my schedule: 07:00-08:15 “Pastries on the Playground” at school (donuts and coffee/milk outside before school) 08:30 Lady showing up to pick up Ethan’s old dresser 11:00-1:00 Fireplace repair…

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