2022 Wonderland 222 planner prep

It’s only a few days until the new year!! I haven’t had a lot of time yet this week to really dive into prepping my 2022 system, and it feels like it’s sneaking up on me. I kind of wish I had the 31st OFF and could just spend a few hours puttering around getting my planner pages set up.…

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Productivity, Volunteering

Context shifting

Today is Day 1 of the big swim meet I’m coordinating (well, it starts tonight at 5:30). Friday night is the “distance events session”. It’s only a couple hours long and not TOO many kids, so should be pretty low key today. (The big kahuna really starts tomorrow.) Asher is swimming the 400 IM for the first time ever tonight…

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Life, Productivity, Things I Love

Upholder life

Good morning! I just need to acknowledge this lovely moment I am enjoying right now. Ethan and Ivan just left for an 8 am basketball. Asher is still sleeping. I’m sitting in our sunroom (arguably the best room in our house), with my little space heater on, my Christmas village glowing behind me AND it is lightly snowing. My tea…

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Holidays, Productivity

In a good place

(exhale/ big sigh of relief…..) I feel like I’m actually in a really good place with my big “Christmas To Do” list!! And it is such a relief, because it’s only November 29th. (Which is also my Dad’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Love you.) I have to say a word of gratitude though, for help from people. This year it…

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Life, Productivity

Frustration with focus

My concentration has been CRAP the last couple of weeks. I thought last week was just an outlier week, since my head was wrapped up in figuring out the garage stuff. But we got some of that resolved (at least some decisions made, I think, and even a lot of actual progress in putting things back together) last weekend. And…

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