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Wednesday check in and workout tracking

Hello! I have nothing too exciting to share today- just checking in.

Let’s see.

Macro Tracking: Day 2

So I successfully completed Day 2 of macro tracking. I mostly ate the same stuff as I did on Monday, which is definitely a great hack for simplifying macro tracking (assuming you don’t mind eating some repetitive meals). I generally don’t mind.

As mentioned, I felt pretty FULL by the end of the day. In fact, after dinner (so like ~8 p.m.) I still had one planned snack to eat (my tuna + apple mix). I was literally not even hungry, but I knew my calories and protein would fall short if I didn’t eat it. As we sat by the fireplace, I mentioned to Ivan that I actually wasn’t even really hungry, but I was still “supposed to eat this tuna today”. And he looked at me sternly and said, “If you paid $100 for this thing, you’d better get out there and eat the damn tuna.” 😂😂

I ate the tuna.

This is the first time I’ve ever macro tracked with a sort of “end physique goal” in mind (the Costa Rica trip). As terrible as it sounds, vanity can be strangely and highly motivating. 😬 Obviously the ultimate life goal is to eat well and be healthy forever, all aesthetics aside, but trying to look halfway decent in a bikini at 39.5 years of age can also be a nice kick in the pants. Just saying. 🤷‍♀️

Workout Tracking: Embracing redundancy!

As a side note, I’m trying something new in my planner this year re: tracking my workouts.

I am sort of stupidly redundant in terms of tracking them, but I don’t care. I like it that way.

Here’s what I’m currently doing:

1) Little yellow spiral notebook from Walgreens:

  • Tracking my detailed strength workouts in a little notebook at the gym. (Exact reps, sets, exercises, etc.). (I have notebooks with workouts dating back to ~2015!)

2) Highlight journal/ Daily page:

  • Tracking the basic workouts I did each day in my highlight journal/ daily page. (I just write, for example: “workout: Lower #1 (Week 1).

3) Planner (Wonderland 222):

  • In “Yearly” section, I circle the date if I worked out that day. (Nice for seeing overall trends at a glance.)
I track multiple things here- it’s a secret code system. 😉 The circles around dates are strength/cardio workouts, and the dot= outside walk, I= inside walk.

4) NEW THIS YEAR: Quarterly Page (Wonderland 222):

  • Tracking each workout, briefly, all in one spot. (I decided I wanted to be able to see at a glance which week of the monthly workouts I was on, how many leg days I did, etc.) The tracker above (circles) shows everything at a glance, but not which specific workout I did! Hence why I started this new, additional page….
So L2= Lower #2, Week 3. FB= Full body. S/T= shoulders/triceps, etc. C= cardio

5) Fitness journal!

  • Also new, and probably temporary- my fitness journal I shared about yesterday. I am using this to keep me motivated during this specific Shred period for the next couple months. Loving it so far!! For me this is more about tracking BIG PICTURE complete health/diet/workout plan, since I’m tracking macros and all that right now. Especially love to take notes on the right. This feels like a great way to process and track a shorter-term goal.

6) For planning purposes only (mostly):

In my weekly spread, I PLAN which days I’ll do which workouts- but always in pencil, because sometimes this changes! I don’t always update this though if I make a last-minute change, so I don’t really view it as a place that I’m tracking “Workouts Done”, if that makes sense? I’m not always consistent about even checking the boxes here- it’s really just a place for me to sketch out the week at the beginning of the week.

So, yeah, I’m a total dork and am essentially tracking the same thing in multiple places, but I feel like each place kind of serves a separate purpose for me?? And, I promise, it only takes literally 10 seconds total to write them down.

Do you track your workouts?? How?

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for indoor plumbing, if I haven’t mentioned that one in a while. This one bears frequent repeating. 😄

8 thoughts on “Wednesday check in and workout tracking”

  1. I love it when you share comments from Ivan because he seems so very similar to my husband and has a very similar sense of humor!!

    I don’t do much in terms of tracking my workouts. I use the gantt pages in the W222 and put a checkmark on the days I workout. I consider a workout running or a strength training workout. I do not consider walks, even super long walks, a workout, though. I also started to track the number of miles I run, although the total is going to be so depressing because I’m only running 3 miles typically. Which is FINE! I have to block out what my mileage used to be so as not to beat myself up internally over how little I am working out.

    I will sometimes write in workout plans in my planner but not always. But I am not doing anything as sophisticated and complex as you! I either run, or I do a LIIFT45 workout. I’m trying to run twice/week and do 2 strength training workouts, ideally. That balance will shift depending on the weather because I ONLY run outdoors. I do not own a treadmill and while I have access to a gym at work, I find running on a treadmill so incredibly soul sucking that it is not worth it!


  2. I love the idea of using the yearly page in the Wonderland to track workouts. It seems like a good overview/at a glance, and I never know what to use those pages for!


  3. I track my workouts each week in my planner (just the distance and a W if it’s a walk and a R if it’s a run). And then at the end of each month I grab my stats from my apple Activity and put that into a spreadsheet (total number of walks, runs, and total distance between the two). And that’s it. It’s seconds each day and maybe 2 minutes at the end of the month but I do like having that level of tracking! I find it motivating ❤


  4. I track my workout on my weekly place, planned and actual as things change. I don’t get a glance view of my workout in a longer time period, that’s why I’ll start using the hobonichi weeks when I get it.
    totally fine duplicating where you track as long as you find it fun and reminds you to keep it up!


  5. I do the same thing! I write down my progress in my bullet journal or a particular file in my computer. It’s nice to see my progress (or lack of) to see what I should work on next.


  6. Do not feel bad. I repeat, do not feel bad… I track things in a gazillion places LOL I am not sure how this is helping in any way, but I feel majorly productive LOL Good luck!


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