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A successful first week and Apple+ Fitness!

Week One: ✅

I’m feeling really proud of myself, now one full week into this January Shred program I’m doing!!

I’ve stuck to my prescribed macros every day, and for the first time in a million years, I hit my workout plan 100%. I did have to shift a couple workouts around, but no big deal. I still fit in all 5 strength + 3 cardio workouts.

Here’s the breakdown of what I did:

  • Monday 1/9: Legs #1
  • Tuesday 1/10: Shoulders/ Chest + Cardio: 20 minutes elliptical
  • Wednesday 1/11: Back/Biceps
  • Thursday 1/12: Cardio: 20 minute Throwback Dance video on Apple+ Fitness.*
  • Friday 1/13: Legs #2
  • Saturday 1/14: Rest/Stretch- 20 minute Re-Vibe workout
  • Sunday 1/15: Full Body + Cardio: 20 minutes Throwback Dance video

Saturday and Sunday were supposed to be swapped, but I ran out of steam on Saturday after spending like five hours in the afternoon packing away all the Christmas stuff. So, I opted to do my rest day stretching video that evening instead.

I’m also still aiming to hit 7,000 steps every day. It is making an enormous difference mentally for me to not be aiming for 10,000. The 7,000 steps feels totally achievable, yet I still have to be aware of getting enough movement in, especially on workdays.

This is a good example of how setting goals that are truly attainable is much more worthwhile than setting “better”, loftier goals…. that you never actually meet. Not that 10,000 steps is so impossible, but the reality is that in this current stage of life + my non-running style workouts, I often don’t get near that. Maybe someday, but for now, this makes more sense. Better to consistently hit 7,000 than aim for 10,000 and then just give up and hit only 4-5,000 some days because 10,000 was too far away.

*Apple+ Fitness!!

Also, I activated my free 3 month Apple+ Fitness membership trial that came with my Apple Watch and EEEEK!!!! I am so excited by the CARDIO VIDEOS!!!

As I’ve shared before, I generally hate doing formal cardio. Machines are blah/boring, running…. eh, not into that right now, many cardio or HIIT routines include the god-forsaken burpees….Enter DANCE VIDEOS.

Okay, this is crazily ironic, because I may be the worst dancer on the planet. I’m soooo bad!!! 😫😫 But Apple+ Fitness has these 20 minute dance videos. I’ve tried two so far, and I chose the “Throwback” options both times- and they are an absolute blast. (Though I want to try the “Latin” option next.)

A few songs from the ones I did:

  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  • We’ve Got it Goin’ On (BSB!!!)
  • Pump Up the Jam
  • Around the World
  • Waiting for Tonight (JLo!)
  • Don’t Call Me Baby

And more.

I freaking love these!!! It’s just pure movement the whole time, but in a way that feels amazing. My heart rate goes up, I sweat, but I feel energized and happy at the end- not cursing the trainer for making me do more burpees or gasping for air.

I am, as I said, terrible at dancing, so my accuracy on the steps is probably like, 50%, but who cares!! I just keep moving and bouncing around and jamming out to the songs and it is delightful. (Also, if anyone were to witness me doing this, I would die of embarrassment because I’m so bad, but I do this in the privacy of my office with the door closed. 😉 )

The thing is, I LIKE dancing! It is so fun. But I’m just so bad at it that it’s something I never do much of. However, it feels incredible to just totally let loose to some super fun tunes, alone, in a judgment free zone, in private. 🙂

(My favorite quote from the trainer, in the middle of one workout: “When our favorite song comes on, do we turn the volume down????!! No!!! We… PUMP-UP-THE -JAM!!! PUMP IT UP!!”) How can you not want to dance to that?!

I had so much fun doing these that I am honestly considering doing 20 minutes every day just because it feels so good and gives me such an endorphin rush. That combination of movement + music just feels good to my soul. 🙂

(On a side note, it looks like there are tons of strength videos on there! Plus yoga, HIIT, kickboxing, pilates, core, etc. May be worth checking out if you have an Apple watch.)

Meal photos:

And a couple meal photos…

An “eating out” success. Asher was away at a birthday party, so we went out to lunch with Ethan yesterday. He wanted a burger from Red Robin. I got this Ensenada Chicken Platter which has 55 grams of protein in it!! Whoa. I also let myself have a soda and shared ~8 big steak fries from Ivan’s basket. Felt like a perfect balance! I was totally satisfied at the end- it felt plenty indulgent but yet I didn’t feel gross and greasy.

That is a big roasted jalapeno in the cup, if you’re wondering. lol.

My dinner:

A frozen turkey burger salad. SOO good. A key for me for healthy eating: keep fresh salsa verde and pico de gallo in the fridge. It makes literally everything taste delicious!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for an extra day off today!!!

Bonus pic:

Saturday morning Asher had swim practice from 6:30-8. He wanted to stop for a hot chocolate at McDonald’s after. 🙂 Crazy chlorine filled hair and all. 😉 ❤️

12 thoughts on “A successful first week and Apple+ Fitness!”

  1. I am so close to pulling the trigger on buying an Apple Watch. I don’t know why I am holding off – everyone seems to love it! And those apple+ workouts sound awesome! I am with you in hating burpees. But I hate lighting bolts from MM even more than burpees!!

    Nice work on a really successful week of workouts! I had a good week, too. I ran twice and did 2 strength training workouts. I am going to stick with BB for January and then in feb I will join the platform you use. I am excited to check it out – especially since the style of those workouts will make it easier to fit in during lunchtime at work. I have hit 10k steps every day but 1 day. It is much harder to hit that goal when I WFH, though, so I can see why 7k is more reasonable! The 23 in ‘23 goal is helping me hit 10k steps on WFH days. And it motivated me to run outside in the rain today! Which honestly was easier than trying to workout with the kids home with us. They aren’t good at leaving me alone when I work out. So running in a drizzling rain wasn’t so bad, although it was icy in spots so my pace was slow!! Which is fine!


    1. Running definitely makes hitting 10k steps a lot easier!! I am sure if I did more cardio too I would have an easier time in general with this. But it is really hard when I just always WFH! If I had to walk all the way in from the parking lot to the hospital, I’d probably hit 5,000 steps right there. haha.

      I hope you like the strength workouts! The nice thing about them is that it’s only $20, and, you aren’t committed to a whole year or anything. You can always do a month or two, and then stop the membership if you aren’t feeling it, or start/ stop throughout the year/ repeat workouts, whatever.

      Running/walking in the rain can be kind of fun sometimes! As long as it’s not a downpour. 😉


  2. I used to do Just Dance on our Wii and it was such a good workout. I was absolutely terrible at dancing, but it was fun to listen to the music and move my body around! Definitely better to do it in the privacy of your own home! I’m glad you found a cardio workout you enjoy.


    1. Oh yes, I’ve heard of Just Dance but have never tried that. It looked fun on the commercials I saw. 🙂 I was just amazed by the 3 guys leading the workout on the Apple videos I did…. like, HOW do they dance like that?!? They were all in perfect sync the whole time, doing all the steps, totally looked natural and great the whole time… I was like, omg. I am sure I looked like an ostrich on rollerskates or something in comparison. hahaha!! OH WELL! Still had fun. 😉


  3. congrats on sticking to your goals!!! 100% is so awesome! I like the feeling of dancing but too self conscious to do it when there are other peoples around. maybe you found the right cardio for you?
    do you make pico de Gallo yourself or store bought? I love it but can’t find it in store here.


  4. I love it that you enjoy these dance cardio session… keep doing them. Anything that makes you feel good, is fun and moves your body is a WIN in my book!!


  5. Dancing is so fun! I have done some of the Les Mills videos on YouTube and they are really fun. The good thing about them too is they do walk you through the steps once slowly before you have to try to do it more quickly. So, even though my moves are not great, it still doesn’t feel like I am completely behind. That is kind of why I gave up on going to the classes at the gym; everyone else looked so good and I was floundering! It is so nice to be able to do it at home.


  6. Wow! Way to go! What a wonderful start to the fitness year! And I love your distinction between attainable goals and those that are just out of reach.

    Your playlist is awesome. Ain’t No Mountain is the perfect song for moving!


  7. Thanks for the recommendation. I didn’t even notice the Dance option in Apple Fitness+. I did 2 beginner Dance workouts today and it was so much fun and also a challenge for my brain as well as the body. I was quite uncoordinated when trying to do the arm and leg portion of the dance moves together but I think that will come as I do more classes – lol


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