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Housekeeping- cleaning & meals

My big accomplishment of the day yesterday was that I didn’t get in my car or have to go anywhere in the entire day. 🙂 I know we are all supposed to still be staying home, and for the most part, we are. We really don’t go anywhere too exciting these days, but with the boys back in school/ activities,…

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 Working in healthcare for over 15 years now, I’ve obviously had a ton of experience with sick people. I’ve seen horrible cases in the hospital, of people who just can’t catch a break. Families that suffer and struggle for years with chronic illness. You’d think that everyone who works in healthcare would walk around with a serious skip in their step,…

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Recipe storage….a possible epiphany?

  I haven’t talked much about cooking/ meal planning on this blog, because generally speaking, my meal planning and cooking style is pretty “fly by the seat of my pants”. We (mostly, I) cook at home often, but it’s honestly not super organized (though I have made more attempts recently to plan our meals).  A few issues: #1: I feel…

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A strange household disaster

 I ended up missing my blogging window yesterday morning, thanks to a watermelon. Yes, a watermelon ruined my morning yesterday. Hmph. I have a pretty bad habit of buying large fruit items that require chopping and then letting them sit on the counter for many days before actually getting up the gumption to spend 10 minutes slicing/dicing/chopping/storing it.  Usually this is…

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A Mexican tradition

I need a happy story today. I stayed up too late watching some news and ended up going to bed with a pit in my stomach. When I woke up, my mind went right back to it all and the pit returned.  I need to stop thinking about that and focus on something positive.  So, I think today is a…

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