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This and that

I slept like total garbage last night. Sort of. I slept really great from 10 pm until 2 am, and then woke up. After laying there awake until ~4:20, I finally got up. In case you are wondering what time the birds wake up in my area (and start chirping), it is precisely 4:02 a.m. I kept thinking how grateful…

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Weekend whirlwind

Oh man, I feel a bit exhausted! Not exactly the feeling I strive to have at 6 am on a Monday morning, but I guess it’s a good exhaustion. The weekend felt BUSY. As in, pre-pandemic busy feel! I have mixed feelings on this, but I don’t exactly see a way around it, either. A lot of the “busy” was…

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Kids, Misc.

Smartphones & bedtime guilt

New phone! Exciting news. Haha. Ivan ordered me a new phone the other day and it arrived yesterday. I am the type who might use the same iphone for eternity if it were not for the nudging of my husband. (I’ve said before- sometimes I don’t love change!) I generally adapt fully to whatever phone I’m using and cannot imagine…

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3 Things Thursday- Quarantine Edition

Hooray, hooray, today’s the day! After 3 carefully spaced out, negative COVID tests, we are done with quarantine! The boys have been CLEARED to return to school and activities today!! I am grateful to both the clinic staff and school staff for helping us navigate the current and somewhat confusing post-exposure quarantine guidelines. I am also grateful that we have…

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Life, Meals

Meals + leisure

Quarantining = eating all meals at home, obviously…and besides one pizza last weekend, we haven’t ordered out at all, either. As I said though yesterday, my work hours have been a little wacky. I haven’t really felt like I have had an abundance of free time, probably due to working until later in the day. (I did this last spring…

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