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Kids trying new things…when to push?

This summer one of Ethan’s activities has been a local track club. He’d never tried track before, but a close friend was signing up and asked if he wanted to try it. He had been a little unsure initially, even though I really think he’s pretty good at running/ has potential to be. (Unlike Asher, who has really never liked…

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Back from State weekend, and it’s hot

Well, that’s a wrap on the State swimming weekend for Asher. This also means that his season has come to end. It’s been a pretty bizarre year and a half with swim team in general, due to covid. Everything came to a total halt last spring, followed by a summer with very, very small and more infrequent practices. Meets were…

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Family Fun, Kids

Solo outing with Ethan! :-)

I had a quick appointment yesterday morning on the other side of town, and Asher had summer school. So, a few days ago I asked Ethan if he wanted to come along, and said maybe after we could stop by the zoo, just the two of us. Our city has a fairly small but still GREAT (and FREE) zoo. We…

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Exciting Weekend Social Events

The boys are both extremely excited for TODAY. They both have long-awaited social events coming up. • Ethan has his sleepover birthday party tonight! His 3 best friends are coming over around 1:30 this afternoon and will be staying until basically whenever the parents want them home tomorrow. The plan is to go to our gym’s outdoor pool/ waterpark for…

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Haircut + Documentaries

Just jumping on quick before I dive into an afternoon of work. I took the morning off to get a haircut and color. I might be weird, but I hate getting my hair done. I really do not enjoy it at all. It takes too long, it’s boring, I find sitting next to the stylist making small talk chit chat…

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