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Getting unstuck/ daily habits/ streaks

I have heard the same general “message” in several different places in the past week, so it must mean the universe is whispering it loudly to me. Daily Habits > Once in a While! It started last week when I listened to an episode of the 5 am Miracle podcast titled “5 Bad Habits I Eliminated“. In his open, he…

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Hedonic Adaptation + Gratitude

On my walk the other night I fired up an episode of the Hidden Brain podcast, with Shankar Vadantam. I hadn’t listened to this one in a while, and the episode’s title “Where Happiness Hides” caught my eye. Obviously, I’m a total social science/ psychology geek….LOVE that kind of stuff and I find it really fascinating. Anyway, in the episode…

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Quotes on parenting + mental load

I did listen to the Best of Both Worlds episode on Division of Labor & Mental Load the other day, and I found myself nodding along with interviewee Allison Daminger. I was out walking, so I snapped some screenshots to remember particular segments that spoke to me. This is a topic I feel like I would love to sit and…

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Today: Today looks like a day I will definitely need to utilize some time blocking. I have several obligations sprinkled in that I need to schedule my work around. We are also closing in on a deadline at work. We need to have the kidney transplant data complete up to a certain point hopefully before I leave for vacation on…

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Time choices

I had a pretty full feeling day yesterday, but a good one. I tweaked my morning routine a bit to allow for a 7 am grocery store run. Ironically, while I was getting ready for the day, I listened to this episode of Laura Vanderkam’s Before Breakfast podcast. It was all about using the concept of the “Would you Rather?”…

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