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Exercise intensity and a great newsletter

Two very random, different topics for today: Exercise intensity: How hard do you really need to work?? This is one of my miscellaneous musings that kind of rolls around in my head for a while, and then eventually works its way out into a blog post. Haha. A couple weeks ago, an old college friend… Continue reading Exercise intensity and a great newsletter

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Random Friday 3: How not to parent, a nice article, and a podcast

1- How Not to Parent It's the end of what I feel has been a very busy week. SO MUCH GOOD stuff happened, but I honestly feel a little overwhelmed. Being gone all last weekend and getting home at 8 pm Sunday night, then rolling right into a busy week with my birthday stuff, the… Continue reading Random Friday 3: How not to parent, a nice article, and a podcast


A poll: audio habits while exercising

I've been wanting to ask this for a while, and truthfully, I also just wanted to try out this "poll" feature in WordPress. lol!! (Sorry if it doesn't actually work or something- first time.) Here is my burning question of the day: I've been mulling this topic over for a long time now. When I… Continue reading A poll: audio habits while exercising

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I'm always very intrigued by the concept of discipline. Self-discipline, I should clarify. There's something inspiring about observing people who are exceptionally disciplined, and it seems like an elusive "life skill" for many people. An area people commonly wish to improve on. Cal Newport's podcast yesterday focused on discipline with his guest, author Ryan Holiday.… Continue reading Discipline

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2 Random Things on a Friday: a shrinking vacation window and social media

1. Vacation Thoughts I saw a post in a local Facebook group about our high school sports teams starting up practice this week. (So, very early in August.) This made me pause... We typically like to plan our bigger family trips in August, because it is normally our "free month". Asher's pretty intensive swim season… Continue reading 2 Random Things on a Friday: a shrinking vacation window and social media

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Over the 8 day hump/ nutrition podcast rec

I'm happy to report that I am still tracking my macros. Yesterday was Day 8. "Day 8" (or thereabouts) tends to be my kryptonite. Usually, any time I try to implement a change, or do a "program" (like when I tried repeatedly to do the #75Hard program...), I go forth strong for...about 8 days. I… Continue reading Over the 8 day hump/ nutrition podcast rec

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Getting unstuck/ daily habits/ streaks

I have heard the same general "message" in several different places in the past week, so it must mean the universe is whispering it loudly to me. Daily Habits > Once in a While! It started last week when I listened to an episode of the 5 am Miracle podcast titled "5 Bad Habits I… Continue reading Getting unstuck/ daily habits/ streaks

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Hedonic Adaptation + Gratitude

On my walk the other night I fired up an episode of the Hidden Brain podcast, with Shankar Vadantam. I hadn't listened to this one in a while, and the episode's title "Where Happiness Hides" caught my eye. Obviously, I'm a total social science/ psychology geek....LOVE that kind of stuff and I find it really… Continue reading Hedonic Adaptation + Gratitude

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Quotes on parenting + mental load

I did listen to the Best of Both Worlds episode on Division of Labor & Mental Load the other day, and I found myself nodding along with interviewee Allison Daminger. I was out walking, so I snapped some screenshots to remember particular segments that spoke to me. I love the tip to screenshot podcasts when… Continue reading Quotes on parenting + mental load