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Recipe storage….a possible epiphany?

  I haven’t talked much about cooking/ meal planning on this blog, because generally speaking, my meal planning and cooking style is pretty “fly by the seat of my pants”. We (mostly, I) cook at home often, but it’s honestly not super organized (though I have made more attempts recently to plan our meals).  A few issues: #1: I feel…

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An “Off” Day

The purpose of this blog for me was to be a place to share some of my personal life, as well as to be a place to talk about positivity, gratitude, productivity and just overall well-being- sort of my own little journey of personal growth, I guess you could say.  That being said, one concern I have had is that…

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Lazy, Rainy Sunday

Ohhh, this was one of those lazy mornings that just felt so indulgent. I was up late last night – it was probably close to midnight before we finally went to sleep. We don’t have any plans today and I got a sort of “second wind” after half dozing through a movie with the kids and Ivan. The kids didn’t…

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Some days are a…..”Nope”

Ay caramba. My Monday yesterday went down the toilet quickly. It wasn’t even technically a “terrible” day where so many huge things even went wrong.  The day just didn’t work.  Let’s see. It started out nicely…I woke up on time, got my morning routine in…But that’s kind of where it stopped? I got wrapped up in some emails, and since…

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