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I'm always very intrigued by the concept of discipline. Self-discipline, I should clarify. There's something inspiring about observing people who are exceptionally disciplined, and it seems like an elusive "life skill" for many people. An area people commonly wish to improve on. Cal Newport's podcast yesterday focused on discipline with his guest, author Ryan Holiday.… Continue reading Discipline

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Information and overconfidence in decision making… plus other misc.

Some misc. things today..... 1- I read a short story about decision making yesterday: A psychologist gathered up 8 professional horse handicappers and told them he wanted to see how well they could predict the winners of horse races. Their test was to predict 40 horse races in four rounds. In round 1: Each gambler… Continue reading Information and overconfidence in decision making… plus other misc.


Officially fall (aka “gratitude season”)

It's officially fall today! The weather is taking a sudden dive precisely on the Autumn Equinox here today- it was 85 on Monday, and here is the current temp and forecast: Probably going to feel a bit shocking! But 'tis the season. We are also moving officially into what I consider "the holiday season". It… Continue reading Officially fall (aka “gratitude season”)

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It’s the weekend/ work + workout update

Yay for the weekend! Work Report I had a good week, but it felt a bit on the intense side. Mostly due to work- I've continued training our new employee. She's amazing and it's going really well, but it's still just SO much constant interaction. Fortunately, I think the "worst" is behind us. She is… Continue reading It’s the weekend/ work + workout update