Shopping: The in store/ online battle

I slept for 9 glorious hours last night!! In case you missed it, I woke up yesterday at 2 a.m. (after 4 hours of sleep). I did okay yesterday, overall….I had some bouts of sleepiness, but hung in there ok. But, I was feeling it by evening and announced to my family that I was heading to bed by around…

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Life, Misc.

This and that

I slept like total garbage last night. Sort of. I slept really great from 10 pm until 2 am, and then woke up. After laying there awake until ~4:20, I finally got up. In case you are wondering what time the birds wake up in my area (and start chirping), it is precisely 4:02 a.m. I kept thinking how grateful…

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Kids, Misc.

Smartphones & bedtime guilt

New phone! Exciting news. Haha. Ivan ordered me a new phone the other day and it arrived yesterday. I am the type who might use the same iphone for eternity if it were not for the nudging of my husband. (I’ve said before- sometimes I don’t love change!) I generally adapt fully to whatever phone I’m using and cannot imagine…

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Monday: gratitude goals, family time and kids’ books

Currently= 37, High= 70. Just a modest 43 degree spread….:) Seems a little crazy, but bring on 70! I love my calendar quote from today. The gratitude thing is always easy when everything goes your way, so I especially like the reminders that point out that the ultimate goal is to be grateful always– highs and lows. Practice, practice, practice…..…

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Life, Misc., Productivity

Thursday Misc: work, email, Chipotle…

Happy Thursday! Nothing overly exciting to report around here today. Work project- Yesterday I started working on a little side project at work (not exactly a normal, actual work related project, but more of an organizational project that will benefit the department long term). It’s right up my alley and I found myself getting lost in it yesterday afternoon. I…

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