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Post-Mexico Travel: a love list

There's nothing like getting home after time away, especially after being in a developing country, to help you see the blessings in your own day to day life more clearly. Some things I love, but normally take for granted: 1- Consistent, basically unlimited hot water. The hot water "situation" in Mexico can be very fickle.… Continue reading Post-Mexico Travel: a love list

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A phone-less morning and (I had fun at the wedding)

This is going to be a weird post for me, because it's going to include exactly zero photos. The reason for that is because I left my phone in my sister-in-law's car last night, so, I do not actually have my phone...which is where my pictures are. (She drove us to/from the local wedding we… Continue reading A phone-less morning and (I had fun at the wedding)

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Post-Vacation mode: Bad, Good, Neutral

OOF I am BACK. Back in “normal blog voice”, no longer writing in “travel mode”. 😊 Re-emerging into regular life has been…fine. Considering our flight got in around 11:45 p.m. on Tuesday night, and we both had to work on Wednesday. 😂 (I know, I know, I know…we are gluttons for punishment. We do it… Continue reading Post-Vacation mode: Bad, Good, Neutral