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Post-Mexico Travel: a love list

There's nothing like getting home after time away, especially after being in a developing country, to help you see the blessings in your own day to day life more clearly. Some things I love, but normally take for granted: 1- Consistent, basically unlimited hot water. The hot water "situation" in Mexico can be very fickle.… Continue reading Post-Mexico Travel: a love list


Valle de Bravo (Day 2) —> CDMX

Thursday, August 18 After our extremely late night on Wednesday, I was dead to the world Thursday morning until after 9 am. Might have been 10- I can’t remember!! Ivan and Ethan were apparently up by 8 am sitting outside. It was a beautiful morning. I felt somewhat like I had been run over by… Continue reading Valle de Bravo (Day 2) —> CDMX


Valle de Bravo, Day 1

Wednesday, August 17 On Wednesday we had plans to drive to Valle de Bravo, another small town about an hour and half west this time of Toluca. I was not initially super thrilled about this, not because I didn’t want to go- I did, very much- but our original plan was to go later in… Continue reading Valle de Bravo, Day 1


Back from Tepotzlán and the laziest day of my life

Sunday, August 14 Sunday was our last day in Tepotzlán- a partial day, really. We didn’t have to check out until 2 pm at least. We had no big plans- as I said, it’s a small town and there isn’t really that much to “do”, exactly. Everyone just took it slow and hung around a… Continue reading Back from Tepotzlán and the laziest day of my life


Family day in Tepoz

Nobody moved too fast Saturday morning, since we were all up very late Friday. After showers, etc. some of us slowly made our way upstairs to the terrace, where it was truly a beautiful morning. The pattern seemed to be gorgeous mornings, rainy nights. This was our second morning in Tepoztlán, but for everyone else… Continue reading Family day in Tepoz


The rain finally got us… a stormy night in Tepoztlán

Continuing on… (I hope this isn’t too choppy for anyone to follow. I left off Friday afternoon, sitting on the terrace, writing a blog post and enjoying the views.) Just writing as I have time. 🙂 We had three groups of people joining us- #1) Ivan’s cousin, husband and their two little boys (ages 4… Continue reading The rain finally got us… a stormy night in Tepoztlán


Hike to Tepozteco pyramid in Tepoztlán

Friday morning we knew we had until maybe 4 pm to ourselves until other family would start arriving. The plan was to hike up the mountain to the Tepozteco pyramid, which is the main attraction in Tepoztlán. Quick history lesson: The pyramid of Tepozteco was built by the Aztecs between 1200 and 1300 AD to… Continue reading Hike to Tepozteco pyramid in Tepoztlán


1st night in Tepoztlán, Mexico

Backing up to Thursday afternoon… So, we made our drive from Mexico City and arrived to Tepoztlán. First impression was: cute, quaint, cobble stone roads, steep hills! For some hill perspective We checked into our hotel and immediately went up to see the rooftop terrace that was advertised in the listing. Lovely!! Weather report- warm,… Continue reading 1st night in Tepoztlán, Mexico