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Officially a teenage household

Well, it's happened. We are officially a household of "teenagers", and only teenagers. Asher turned 13 today!!! I've been referring to the boys as "teens" for a while now, since Ethan is in fact 14 at this point. But since Asher was only 12 until today, I would often say things like, "Yeah, I have… Continue reading Officially a teenage household

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Just what I needed (and, didn’t)

Okay, feeling more human today. I think just being over the middle of the week hump helps some, and knowing that today (Thursday) I don't have any big meetings or appointments on my calendar feels really refreshing. Having a generally "open" day has become one of my favorite things. haha. I can just focus on… Continue reading Just what I needed (and, didn’t)

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A 4-part busy Saturday; now ready for a quiet day!

This past week has been FUN! And, I'm tired now. Hahaha. Yesterday was our last "action" day of this Thanksgiving week, which as you know by now, has been full of theater performances, shopping, cooking, lots of amazing family time, Thanksgiving, decorating, work and more. My parents were slated to leave yesterday (Saturday), after being… Continue reading A 4-part busy Saturday; now ready for a quiet day!

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2022 Family Theater Outing: Come From Away

I'm glad we opted out of the Sunday swim meet session and got home Saturday. Leading into Thanksgiving week, I needed Sunday morning to regroup a little bit. Ethan had to work at 7, so I ran him over there at 6:45. Ivan and Asher were up pretty early too because the World Cup was… Continue reading 2022 Family Theater Outing: Come From Away

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Holiday planning/ holiday stress + something I’d never done before

Hello, Monday. Wish you were still another day away, but, here you are. The weekend was good! Looking at the calendar, this is the last weekend for a LONG time that I don't have some sort of "bigger" event or other going on. Therefore, I really tried to take advantage of it and get some… Continue reading Holiday planning/ holiday stress + something I’d never done before

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Mini-fall getaway recap: Wisconsin Dells

I wanted to write a recap of our mini fall getaway last weekend to Wisconsin Dells! We stayed overnight just one night, but spent most of 2 days there. October 15th, Saturday: We had gone to that UW Badgers hockey game Friday night, so we were a little slow moving on Saturday. The idea was… Continue reading Mini-fall getaway recap: Wisconsin Dells