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More on weekly audit + ?? TRAVEL and other misc.

Coco asked me yesterday how I kept track of everything for the “weekly audit” review I posted.

In reality, I don’t normally keep track of my week exactly according to those categories. Yesterday morning I sat down in a special attempt to do a weekly audit, and brainstormed those 7 categories as general areas of my life that I care about.

(Which were: 1. Time Alone/ Quality time alone 2. Quality time with husband 3. Quality time with kids 4. Family Time 5. Exercise 6. Productivity/ Getting Stuff Done and 7. Work)

I just pulled out a sheet of scratch paper, wrote down each category and then flipped through my planner and journal to review what I did that week.

Between events on my calendar and the stuff I record in my journal, I cover most major (and minor😆) events!

I’ve shared these pages before, but here is today’s journal page (minus the more personal written recap/ thoughts/ notes which go up top (not yet done):

So if next week I were to look back on Monday, 10/25, I could pull out the following:

  • shoulder/triceps workout (EXERCISE)
  • hot tub maintenance (PRODUCTIVITY)
  • made dinner (PRODUCTIVITY)
  • got groceries (PRODUCTIVITY)
  • spent 1:1 time with Ethan/ talking while shopping (QUALITY TIME)

I also might add in my written recap (since I didn’t add to the bullet points):

  • read book in a.m. with tea (TIME ALONE)

In other news:

1. It is very, very dark outside! I never mind the dark mornings and nights- I really don’t! I actually LIKE them. It feels cozy. But, I will admit I have a harder time waking up when it feels like 2 a.m. when my alarm goes off. Also, when birds are chirping outside, it always seems much easier to get up. They have also taken to sleeping in, I guess, because it’s silent and pitch black outside in the 5- 5:30 a.m. timeframe when I get up.

2. A few weeks ago we took the boys to get their passports renewed, as they expired this fall. They came in the mail yesterday!!! YAY! Spoiler….2022 may WILL include some international travel!! Potentially more than once. I won’t say any more in fear of JINXING it, but fingers crossed.

*Funny story:

Ivan took the boys over to Walgreens to get new passport photos taken the day before the passport appointment at the post office. Apparently Asher had worn a white polo shirt (I didn’t see what they had put on before they left) and you can’t wear a white shirt for a photo with a white background…...

So Ethan took his picture in the black polo he was wearing, and then had to take his shirt off, give it to ASHER to put on for his picture (since they told him he couldn’t wear the white!)….and now they look like identical twins in their photos. 😆😆. Ethan was not amused with the whole situation at all and says he is going to be embarrassed when we travel. I assured him the TSA agents will not likely comment on the fact that they are wearing the same polo shirt in the photos. HA. (Side by side though, the pics are REALLY similar!! So it is pretty funny. lol!)

I would share the photos but I feel like I should probably not share their passport photos on the internet. 🙂

Bonus pic- my grocery buddy last night!! (Also felt like we were leaving to go grocery shopping at midnight, although it was only 7 p.m….(also pitch black outside by 7….):

Note to self: grocery bill will be at least 15% higher when 13 year old boy comes along….

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful to have plenty of money to buy groceries. This is a recurring gratitude item, worth repeating. 🙂

4 thoughts on “More on weekly audit + ?? TRAVEL and other misc.”

  1. I try to say a prayer of thanks each time I check out at the grocery store and simply hand over a card to pay the bill and don’t have to rationalize or hold back on getting anything. It is SUCH a blessing and one I forget to really appreciate over and over again.

    Also, I love that you included a “bummer” in your daily summary. It’s helpful to recognize that all days have their ups and downs.


  2. I don’t love the shorter hours of daylight… Especially in the morning. It feels harder to get the kids up and moving when it’s dark. Err, Paul. Will does not care about whether it’s light out or not. It is easier to put them to bed when it’s already dark out, though! So that is one bonus.

    That is funny about the passport photos! Sooo many rules to keep track of. I remember being told I couldn’t smile in my last passport photo so I look terrible and angry! Ha. I wonder when I will use my passport again? I’m thinking/hoping for a Caribbean getaway? We’ll see. We really want to do a kid-free trip in 2022 so we’ll see what we can plan. We are also planning our first trip since Feb 2020! We are hoping to go to Arizona in Feb to visit my sister and her family. we try to get away in Feb-Apr to give ourselves a break from the snow/cold. My parents are establishing a routine of going to AZ in Feb for a couple of weeks now that they are finally retired so we plan to go while they are down there. My niece turns 1 around then so it will be fun to see her!

    I started to fill in my W222 yesterday. I was putting pressure on myself to know exactly how to use the preview/review pages for each month but had to tell myself that this will be a learning process and it will take time to figure it out!


  3. Thanks for sharing your method. I’ll try to do something similar when we settle back into non travel routine. 🙂 international travel? Where?


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