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More on weekly audit + ?? TRAVEL and other misc.

Coco asked me yesterday how I kept track of everything for the “weekly audit” review I posted. In reality, I don’t normally keep track of my week exactly according to those categories. Yesterday morning I sat down in a special attempt to do a weekly audit, and brainstormed those 7 categories as general areas of my life that I care…

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Household, Life, Meals

The joy of a midweek, morning grocery run

One of my favorite things about working from home is, of course, the FLEXIBILITY. We badly needed groceries for a few days, but with soccer all weekend, it just never happened. (In large part just because no one actually wanted to go get groceries.) Come Monday night, when I thought I would run over to the store- alas, I still…

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Family Fun, Holidays

The holidays are here!

It’s officially Thanksgiving week! The boys have the entire week off from school and I have to say, I’m welcoming the little break. As extremely happy as I have been to have them back in school, there is something wonderful about just relaxing all of the schedules and routines. My favorite thing I think is not having to rush my…

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