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I finally organized my phone apps

Yesterday I tackled a nagging "to do" item, which I hadn't even really realized I wanted/ needed to do until suddenly it was driving me absolutely insane. That task was organizing my iphone apps. I am one of those people that generally ignores the aesthetics of my phone. I do set a personalized wallpaper/ lock… Continue reading I finally organized my phone apps

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A 12 year old’s perception of “free time”

Asher is really busy right now. Obviously he is back in school, but he also has play practice after school, volleyball Tuesday/ Thursday and swim practice almost every night. It's a lot! Possibly (probably?) bordering on "too much", but we decided to allow it because it's a fairly short period in time. (The play is… Continue reading A 12 year old’s perception of “free time”


Living with my small closet and Bucks WIN!

I finally tackled cleaning out my closet. Ivan, his brother and Ethan went to a local professional soccer game last night (they were playing against a Mexican team!), and I stayed home with Asher. He had swim practice (carpool- so I didn't have to drive), so I decided to seize the moment of an empty… Continue reading Living with my small closet and Bucks WIN!

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Thursday Misc: work, email, Chipotle…

Happy Thursday! Nothing overly exciting to report around here today. Work project- Yesterday I started working on a little side project at work (not exactly a normal, actual work related project, but more of an organizational project that will benefit the department long term). It's right up my alley and I found myself getting lost… Continue reading Thursday Misc: work, email, Chipotle…