2022 Wonderland 222 planner prep

It’s only a few days until the new year!! I haven’t had a lot of time yet this week to really dive into prepping my 2022 system, and it feels like it’s sneaking up on me. I kind of wish I had the 31st OFF and could just spend a few hours puttering around getting my planner pages set up.…

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Life, Misc.

3 Things Thursday

I feel like this has been a very “random” week in blog posts, so, sorry?? Or not, if you like them this way. 🙂 Of course, I must commemorate Asher’s 1st covid vaccine yesterday, for the sake of memory keeping and tracking this whole pandemic (in my own way) via blog posts. All went well! The vaccine clinic was a…

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Living with my small closet and Bucks WIN!

I finally tackled cleaning out my closet. Ivan, his brother and Ethan went to a local professional soccer game last night (they were playing against a Mexican team!), and I stayed home with Asher. He had swim practice (carpool- so I didn’t have to drive), so I decided to seize the moment of an empty house. My closet is probably…

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Podcasts, Productivity


On Monday, I had two podcast episodes back to back in my podcast subscription feed that were, ironically, both about the topic of routines. I am a big fan of routines in general, so these were fun to listen to! They were very different styles and sort of tackled different angles of routines. 1- Best Laid Plans – Routines and…

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Deep thoughts, Organization

A Few Deep Questions For You

1. Do you hit the snooze button?? I am slowly sinking back into this bad habit. No. Not slowly. I have sunk back into this bad habit. But, not as bad as before. (Used to literally hit the snooze button for over an hour sometimes, years ago….not proud.) Now, I have been hitting it once and then just laying there,…

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