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Solo outing with Ethan! :-)

I had a quick appointment yesterday morning on the other side of town, and Asher had summer school. So, a few days ago I asked Ethan if he wanted to come along, and said maybe after we could stop by the zoo, just the two of us. Our city has a fairly small but still GREAT (and FREE) zoo. We…

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I am not throwing away my shot

Happy Sunday! I ended up having a pretty great Saturday, after some plans shifted and my day unexpectedly opened up. The morning was fairly lazy but included checking off a couple more months worth of photo organization. Still chugging along on this photo project. Ethan and I cleaned out his closet. It badly needed it and had been bugging me…

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Last couple days in pics

It’s been a nice last few days. Some sunny weather, got my 2nd dose of vaccine (no side effects with either, except maybe a tiny headache last night?), some much needed cleaning, soccer games, outside time, Mexican food…. Here’s a little recap: *A lunchtime walk on Friday. I did a short 27 minute core workout and then went for a…

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Stickers & TV shows

Happy Monday Tuesday. 🙂 Back to work (and school!! for real!!) today after the long weekend. 2 sort of frivolous topics to start the week: Planner stickers When I got my new Wonderland 222 planner, I decided to dive slightly into the “planner world” and bought several new pens, highlighters, etc. to use with it. I also had noticed many…

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Tired + B-day Recap

Yawn. I feel a little bit out of sorts this morning. Not in a bad mood exactly, but I think mostly just a little bit tired. I feel like it was kind of an intense week for some reason, though it really wasn’t by normal standards. Now that I think about it, maybe it’s because the kids were home all…

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