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Tired + B-day Recap


I feel a little bit out of sorts this morning. Not in a bad mood exactly, but I think mostly just a little bit tired. I feel like it was kind of an intense week for some reason, though it really wasn’t by normal standards.

Now that I think about it, maybe it’s because the kids were home all week for virtual schooling (and last week on Thanksgiving break). I hadn’t really considered that fact! Maybe I’m just missing the moments of stillness that I had grown accustomed to again. Also, I was up way too late two nights in a row. That’s probably a big part of my sluggish feeling.

It was a busy week too. Ethan had an ortho appt, I was out running errands for Asher’s birthday several times, I’ve been finishing up lots of odds and ends with all the Christmas decorating I do (self-imposed problem, I know…but when it’s all done I LOVE it!!). My parents came to celebrate Asher’s birthday too which was great. All very good things- a good busy- but it all still leaves me feeling a little bit drained right now! 🙂

TGIF and I have no weekend plans except hopefully some more online shopping before it’s too late. And, I should probably order some Christmas cards. WHY is it December 4th and I haven’t done this yet (during a pandemic, when I should be less busy??). I do not know. No excuses here.

I am proclaiming tonight MOVIE NIGHT + popcorn+ blanket by the Christmas tree. Can’t wait.

Birthday Recap

Asher’s birthday was a super fun and special day. He was ALL SMILES by bedtime so I think he was pleased. 🙂

🔷Doughnuts for breakfast (per family tradition, plus balloons and decorations!!)

🔷 He had virtual school all day but requested a Jimmy John’s sub for lunch, so I ran out to pick that up for him. His class had a “Lunch Zoom” (social Zoom for the kids to just eat/ talk together) and he was laughing and laughing in his room during it. 🙂 Must have been fun. Of course he shared that it was his birthday, too.

🔷Grandma and Grandpa came in the evening and he got to help set up the Christmas Village which he loves doing.

🔷Nachos for dinner! (Homemade by Ivan. Everyone loves them.)

🔷PRESENTS, of course.

🔷Key lime pie instead of cake. (My fav dessert but my whole family has adopted it now, too!)

It was a good day to turn 11.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Google Calendar! On days like today when I have a LOT I want to accomplish but am tired, planning helps me to feel better able to handle everything.

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