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Last couple days in pics

It’s been a nice last few days. Some sunny weather, got my 2nd dose of vaccine (no side effects with either, except maybe a tiny headache last night?), some much needed cleaning, soccer games, outside time, Mexican food….

Here’s a little recap:

*A lunchtime walk on Friday. I did a short 27 minute core workout and then went for a 20 minute walk. It felt like the perfect combo. I listened to a Freakanomics Radio podcast episode.

*My magnolia tree is right on the verge of blooming. It’s right outside our bedroom window and is very pretty. Sadly, the tree is getting pretty old and I think is kind of on its last leg. 😦

*My post vaccine #2 selfie. Hahaha. I had to drive to the other side of town (~35 minutes), wait the 15 minutes after the shot, then drive home in rush hour/ construction traffic. Being Friday evening, I felt a little tired and decided to flop down on my bed and watch TV for a few minutes, by myself (never do this). I got bored and got up shortly after, but it was nice while it lasted.

*I made two loaves of banana nut bread with Ethan. We later dropped one off at my sister-in-law’s house. Lots of mixing and various ingredients, so he had fun with this one.

*Solo Saturday morning hot tub session. PERFECTION, seriously. Sun was shining, birds were chirping, air temperature was about 50 degrees (chilly enough that the hot water felt so good). Ivan took Ethan to an early soccer game out of town (I had opted to stay home, thinking I might not feel well from my vaccine). I was fine though, so….hot tub + book. 🙂

*I did go along for the second soccer game in the afternoon (it was a tournament). It was a beautiful afternoon and very fun to see Ethan playing again!! This was the first tournament in a long time. They had a season in the fall, but all tournaments were still cancelled at that time due to covid. (Of course, he scored two goals in the first game that I was not at….. oh well.)

*The game was ~1 hour away, so all 4 of us went and then after we stopped at this super cute Mexican restaurant we like a lot that is about half way between the game location and home. (Since it’s not local, we really only go there now and then, usually when driving through on the way home from somewhere else.) It was fun, food was delicious (we shared a molcajete- a big bowl of various grilled meats, onions, nopal (cactus), avocado, salsa served with rice/ beans/ tortillas), and the kids were chatty and in good moods. They play quite loud traditional Mexican music there, which always makes me long for a trip to Mexico…..

P.S. I keep meaning to finish my Memphis trip recap (our final day included the amazing National Civil Rights Museum, so I definitely don’t want to skip that day!!!). But it just takes a while to write those and sift through my pictures…so, stay tuned for that hopefully soon.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for not having side effects from the vaccine!! I would gladly TAKE side effects in order to be vaccinated, but hey- still happy to avoid them, too, if possible! 🙂 I’m just so grateful to be fully vaccinated.

6 thoughts on “Last couple days in pics”

  1. That’s great that you felt good after your vaccine! I did, too! Phil felt pretty awful after the J&J one and it was while we were at my parents so that kind of sucked but he’s a trooper and did not complain.

    We don’t have any flowering trees in our yard. But I am starting to see some when I am on walks and runs. We are a little bit behind you guys on spring springing, though. I’m trying to really pay attention to the trees budding. I love watching things come to life!

    That Mexican food looks sooooo good!!


  2. Good to hear that you didn’t get any side effects!
    We have a hot tub in our back yard too but we only really use it smduring the summer months because I basically feel terrible when I come out of the nice earm water into nearly freezing or freezing weather. Do you not just mind it or do you have tips? Our hot tub was installed by the previous owners, I would be way too thrifty to buy one ourselves, but it is there and we need to maintain it all year, we should at least try to enjoy it more right??


    1. We have used our hot tub down into single digit temps/ negative wind chills and been okay!!! Honestly, I have a harder time going out to the tub to get in (when I’m still dry) and ditching my robe/towel…. When I’m done and getting out after, I usually find that my body is still so hot that I have a couple minutes before I really start to feel cold- and by then, I’m in the house. I keep a bathrobe out there if I can plus my towel, so I just jump out, wrap a towel around my waist and slip robe on my upper body and rush inside to dry off the rest of the way. Our hot tub is right off our garage, so it’s just a few steps to inside. Then I always go back out later once I’m dressed to close it up! I actually LOVE it when it is cold out! We just bought our hot tub last year! Has definitely been worth the price for us. 🙂 We used it most days here during Wisconsin winter!


  3. congrats on getting both shots! I can’t wait to be vaccinated.
    nice job on the baking, I made something yesterday and didn’t turn out as I hoped for (for not following up recipe), fortunately we have a human trash can at home (daddy) to not let it wasted.


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