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Birthday surprise

I’ve mentioned before that my husband is notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. He doesn’t really have any big hobbies that require “gear” or “equipment” (no golf balls or tees to buy….doesn’t really like to read….is pretty minimalistic about many things like coffee mugs, etc…..). He is also rather picky about his clothing and likes them to “feel” a certain…

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Tired + B-day Recap

Yawn. I feel a little bit out of sorts this morning. Not in a bad mood exactly, but I think mostly just a little bit tired. I feel like it was kind of an intense week for some reason, though it really wasn’t by normal standards. Now that I think about it, maybe it’s because the kids were home all…

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Happy, Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet Asher!!! I know it’s so cliche to even say, but I can’t believe he’s 11. My youngest, my baby….and he is ELEVEN. I feel like the years from starting elementary school to now have just flown by. I’m scared to think about the next 11! He’s now closer to 21 than he is…

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