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Advent calendar season + St. Nick

It's Advent calendar season. As you probably are too, I am seeing a lot of things about advent calendars and advent season around right now. It's a lovely tradition. I especially love the idea of doing something special every day leading up to Christmas, not just the "open a door and get a candy" variety.… Continue reading Advent calendar season + St. Nick

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Officially a teenage household

Well, it's happened. We are officially a household of "teenagers", and only teenagers. Asher turned 13 today!!! I've been referring to the boys as "teens" for a while now, since Ethan is in fact 14 at this point. But since Asher was only 12 until today, I would often say things like, "Yeah, I have… Continue reading Officially a teenage household

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24 Hour Gratitude Challenge 2022

Yesterday I recorded something I was grateful for, every hour, on the hour. Sharing today in honor of Thanksgiving! I'm grateful..... 06:00..... That our main grocery store is open 24 hours/day, allowing me to go during Asher's 5:30 a.m. swim practice and miss the rush later. 07:00.... for Asher's swim coaches, and the strange hours… Continue reading 24 Hour Gratitude Challenge 2022


Valle de Bravo (Day 2) —> CDMX

Thursday, August 18 After our extremely late night on Wednesday, I was dead to the world Thursday morning until after 9 am. Might have been 10- I can’t remember!! Ivan and Ethan were apparently up by 8 am sitting outside. It was a beautiful morning. I felt somewhat like I had been run over by… Continue reading Valle de Bravo (Day 2) —> CDMX