A very “just okay” Easter + some mom guilt

Easter Sunday was very "just okay" for me yesterday. I mean, it was nice and all. But I just came away from it feeling pretty "meh" about it all. Maybe I was just in a bit of a down mood, I don't know. For context, Easter is my least favorite holiday. (Besides the religious aspect,… Continue reading A very “just okay” Easter + some mom guilt

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Sunday list + Meal plan

Yesterday: Biggest accomplishment= I did our taxes!!! On April 10th. Plenty of time in advance...a whole 8 days to go til the deadline. 😆 We actually intentionally decided to do them "late" this year/ after our trip. It was just too busy in February with all my volunteer work stuff + trip planning, etc.... so… Continue reading Sunday list + Meal plan

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Looking like a good day

Last weekend, our first full weekend home, was pretty busy. Multiple volleyball games, soccer tournament, etc. So, I've been looking forward to this weekend, because we had literally zero plans on the schedule. (And looking ahead, most of the next weekends for....hmmm....eternity, don't look nearly this open.) Last night Ivan and I went out for… Continue reading Looking like a good day

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Tired + some random musings on international travel

I woke up this morning AGAIN at ~3:15, making it the 4th day in a row I have woken up in the 3:00-4:00 a.m. hour. Today though, I felt determined to fall back to sleep. (The last few days I didn't really fight it and basically just got up extra early.) But I have been… Continue reading Tired + some random musings on international travel


Day 3- Scenic drive, Kylemore Abbey, Castle

Monday, March 14: My sister planned a full day “out” on Monday, just us, my parents, her youngest and her (while my nieces went to school and brother-in-law worked). She had mapped out a scenic driving route, with several stops along the way. Starting out- it was gloomy/rainy at first, but the weather was supposed… Continue reading Day 3- Scenic drive, Kylemore Abbey, Castle

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The summer planning blues

Ha, please ignore my dramatic title. 😆 But seriously, it's that time of year....SUMMER PLANNING TIME. Wait, what? There's snow on the ground. It's January 28. My brain is so far from summer I might as well have left it in Mexico. Nevertheless, apparently in camp-world it is summertime. Registration opens for the traditional weeklong… Continue reading The summer planning blues