Gratitude, Travel

Favorite place in the world

Gratitude Challenge Day 11: What is your favorite place, and why? I like a lot of places, and this question could be answered a million ways. Of course, MY HOME with my family is very, very high on the list. But I have to go with the answer that came to mind instantly. It’s the place that, when someone says,…

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The halls are decked, etc.

Christmas is a-comin’. Ready or not, here she comes!! Our halls are decked, things are (mostly) done….we’re about as ready as we’re gonna be. Despite my vacation/sick days, this home stretch has still felt a little rushed….but such is life, I guess. I may as well just give up on this goofy idea I have every year of “doing everything…

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Holidays, Life

Christmas prep day

I feel like a new person after a couple days off. It definitely was a good call to take a re-do vacay day yesterday. I took a leisurely morning, headed out to finish up some shopping during the day (which was a SUCCESS, yay- it’s always a relief when you find good stuff! Especially 3 days before Christmas 😬 )…

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Life, Misc.

Want vs. reality

Yesterday was kind of an overcast day with some snow flurries. I worked from home, as usual, and also worked out from home and was otherwise just home all day, until around 3:30. At that point, I went upstairs and flipped the fireplace on and just kind of sat there for a minute as I put my shoes on. It…

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Family Fun, Holidays

Things We Don’t Do & the Elf on the Shelf

If you’ve been reading a while, you might remember this post from last year about the night Asher learned the sad truth about Santa Claus. And while that was all very bittersweet, there was a little part of me that was, of course, a little relieved to not have to keep up the act anymore. It’s just easier when all…

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