Stickers & TV shows

Happy Monday Tuesday. 🙂 Back to work (and school!! for real!!) today after the long weekend.

2 sort of frivolous topics to start the week:

Planner stickers

When I got my new Wonderland 222 planner, I decided to dive slightly into the “planner world” and bought several new pens, highlighters, etc. to use with it. I also had noticed many people use little stickers in their planners/ bullet journals. I’m not an “artsy” type at all, I do NOT scrapbook…. but I thought, hmm, that could be kind of fun and cute.

So I picked up 2 packs of stickers at Hobby Lobby back before Christmas when they were on a half off sale. (They were sealed shut so I couldn’t really see what they were all like.) I was envisioning maybe just some cute little accents here and there, from time to time. Like, a snowflake on a snowy day. Or maybe a book sticker if I read a great book that day.

These were the packs I got:

Sorry, not the best lighting. But one is called “Fun & Funky stickers” and the other is “All Seasons”.

They are…okay. I actually like the Seasonal stickers a lot, but they obviously are not relevant all the time.

example of Thanksgiving spread. I like the little leaves, the pumpkin, the turkey, etc.

The “Fun and Funky ones”- well, maybe I’m just not that fun or funky. Ha. Some are okay, but many just seem dumb to me. Maybe they work for some people. But if you know me, you know I am not the kind of person who says things like the following (quoting some of the stickers…):

-slay, Babe!
-I do not call people or myself “Queen”
-Who dis?
-Whoa! Where’s my coffee?
-chill vibes only
-you are golden, baby!!

CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE. No. None of those stickers will be going in my planner. Hahaha!! Here’s a pic of one of the pages:

Also, what is up with the kangaroo with the floral wreath?

Guess I will continue the hunt for some less fun and less funky stickers. 😉

TV shows

Ivan and I finally finished the legal drama series The Good Wife (starring Chris Noth and Julianna Margulies), which I LOVED. Always sad to finish a great, long series…

Now to find a new one. On Sunday night we scrolled around and decided to try Schitt’s Creek. I feel like I have heard so much about it and it seems super popular. Well. Again, maybe this is a testament to my lack of fun and funky-ness, but we both were like, “Meh.” Did NOT capture either of our attention and seemed kind of silly. We only watched two episodes but come Monday night, neither of us wanted to turn it back on. Has anyone watched it? What are we missing??? Does it get better?

We decided to try This is Us instead, another one I’ve heard SOOOOO much about but somehow had never seen even a single episode of. In contrast, I instantly felt like I loved that one from the start. Ivan liked it too. So I think that’s what we will go with for now. Any other great series suggestions??

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the boys going back to school today (in person)!! Will it last through June?? Time will tell…. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Stickers & TV shows”

  1. Those stickers sound ridiculous! Shitt’s Creek does get better. I felt like the first several episodes/season I was very confused but I found it funny. By the second season I had fallen in love with all the characters though. If you like things funny, quirky and lighthearted maybe give it a second shot.


    1. Hmm, that’s good to know… I didn’t know anything at all about it, so I guess I didn’t realize it would feel a bit more like a sitcom/funny. I do like funny things, but maybe it’s not one to watch with my husband. We both like humor, but usually like to watch the longer drama type series together. Maybe Schitt’s Creek would be a better treadmill watch or something for me. 🙂


  2. Planner stickers are fun! I may have too many though. Haha I actually do like the fun and funky ones. Some are not my jam, I have to agree they get a bit off my course, but others make it fun and different than the everyday boring so I can SLAY! Bahahah I’ve found with the packs you’ll probably really like 25-50% of them. And next time, remove one of the side stickers so you can see them better. People do this all the time and, if I’m spending upwards of $10 or more in stickers, you’re damn right I’m peeking!

    I actually did like Schitt’s Creek cause the family was so off the top with a mix of common sense from dad. Just a goofy show with a silly dynamic. I am in the minority with This Is Us. It’s way too dramatic for me. I am not a person to dwell on things and I feel like this show is just so drawn out and depressing. I tried to love it but it just felt so sappy and mood lowering that I stopped watching. All the best in your TV adventures!


  3. We tried Schitt’s Creek and didn’t like it either. People have told us to keep watching but we just can’t bring ourselves to give it another try. We disliked the episode we watched so much and found it too awkward. We are almost done with Homeland which I loved. I am ready for something new, though. I love ‘This is Us’ but my husband doesn’t so I watch it alone. He does this dramatic voice and says ‘tonight on a very special episode of this is us…’ whenever I watch it. Ha. A funny show we enjoyed this fall was Brooklyn 9-9. It’s pretty silly at times but just a fun show to watch and the episodes are really short!

    Those stickers are bad!! Definitely not your (or my!) style!


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