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Appointment overload + a gratitude spotlight

As is often the case with me and my blog, I have two very random things on my mind this morning. (This is precisely why I don't do "themed" posts or plan what I'll write about in advance. These extremely insightful posts I write.... they just have to come to me, like a lightning bolt… Continue reading Appointment overload + a gratitude spotlight


Halloween 2021 Highlights

Yay, Halloween was so much fun! I'm rather tired now, however, and I think teachers everywhere will be facing some sleepy children today, too. 🙂 Here are the highlights from our day yesterday: I ran some errands in the morning- grocery store/ Target. The cloudy morning turned sunny by the time I left the store,… Continue reading Halloween 2021 Highlights

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Halloween 2020 and on to November!

Halloween 2020 is a wrap. This is basically the end of "fall" to me, too, although November is obviously still technically fall. Things just start moving full steam ahead toward more of a Christmas feel I think, and the weather here usually turns colder, darker, windier, etc. Last night was a pretty quintessential "Halloween night"… Continue reading Halloween 2020 and on to November!