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It’s the weekend/ work + workout update

Yay for the weekend! Work Report I had a good week, but it felt a bit on the intense side. Mostly due to work- I've continued training our new employee. She's amazing and it's going really well, but it's still just SO much constant interaction. Fortunately, I think the "worst" is behind us. She is… Continue reading It’s the weekend/ work + workout update

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Long weekend + Monday motivation on a Tuesday

I was excited for this long weekend, and it did not disappoint. On the whole, it felt pretty relaxing. We still did things, but there was also a lot of downtime. Anniversary dinner out Friday Cleaned (most) of the house on Saturday Ethan started his job! Went in hot tub several times (we're having much… Continue reading Long weekend + Monday motivation on a Tuesday

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Holiday weekend/ other happenings

I feel very out of touch with the blogosphere!! I've been scrolling and reading other blogs on my phone, but haven't had time to comment much anywhere. And, I haven't updated here in a few days, either! Anyway, here are a few updates from the long weekend: *Sunday night 7/3- Ivan and I went to… Continue reading Holiday weekend/ other happenings