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Holiday weekend/ other happenings

I feel very out of touch with the blogosphere!! I've been scrolling and reading other blogs on my phone, but haven't had time to comment much anywhere. And, I haven't updated here in a few days, either! Anyway, here are a few updates from the long weekend: *Sunday night 7/3- Ivan and I went to… Continue reading Holiday weekend/ other happenings

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A phone use argument with teens + Mother’s Day weekend

Phones at school Last week we got into a big "discussion" with the boys about taking their phones to school (or not). Ever since they got cell phones around Christmastime, we have not allowed their phones to go to school with them. What for?! They are at school. Well, during play rehearsals a couple weeks… Continue reading A phone use argument with teens + Mother’s Day weekend


A very “just okay” Easter + some mom guilt

Easter Sunday was very "just okay" for me yesterday. I mean, it was nice and all. But I just came away from it feeling pretty "meh" about it all. Maybe I was just in a bit of a down mood, I don't know. For context, Easter is my least favorite holiday. (Besides the religious aspect,… Continue reading A very “just okay” Easter + some mom guilt

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Things We Don’t Do & the Elf on the Shelf

If you've been reading a while, you might remember this post from last year about the night Asher learned the sad truth about Santa Claus. And while that was all very bittersweet, there was a little part of me that was, of course, a little relieved to not have to keep up the act anymore.… Continue reading Things We Don’t Do & the Elf on the Shelf

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O Christmas Tree 2021

As I said yesterday, I'm very happy to have the house "done". Honestly, I think decorating pre-Thanksgiving might be kind of a genius idea (for me). I know some people disagree with this school of thought, but it seems like it really allows the time from Thanksgiving --> Christmas to be lightened up a bit.… Continue reading O Christmas Tree 2021