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A fairly “un-enthusiastic Easter” weekend recap

I've mentioned every year that I've had this blog how I really don't care for Easter. I won't blab on about it yet again, but the long and the short of it is: I just don't really like Easter. Besides enjoying the religious significance of it (for me), I just don't get whipped up over… Continue reading A fairly “un-enthusiastic Easter” weekend recap

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Almost ready + 2022 Christmas card!

2 days until Christmas Eve! I'm just about ready. I actually glanced back through my journal from last year on this day, and I can see I was way behind on wrapping gifts last year, to the point that I apparently spent much of Christmas Eve frantically wrapping stuff. Thankfully, that is not the case… Continue reading Almost ready + 2022 Christmas card!

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Current feelings and bullet points

WHEW, okay, the weekend is over, swim meet is over, Christmas is ALMOST HERE and there is a legit blizzard approaching fast. Current feelings: Feeling= Exhausted The swim meet all went smoothly, but it's just a long and full weekend. No major issues, thankfully. Most people showed up and did what they were supposed to,… Continue reading Current feelings and bullet points

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Weekend holiday prep + our favorite Christmas cookies

Happy Monday! This weekend was so nice. It was one of those weekends where the days felt long.... but not in a bad way. Both days started early around 6 a.m. and seemed to be filled with a lot of variety. That always makes time pass more slowly to me. Ethan worked both mornings, and… Continue reading Weekend holiday prep + our favorite Christmas cookies

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Do you have a favorite part of the holiday season? And a cat cartoon

Two Christmas related things: 1. Does anyone else have a favorite "part" of the holiday season? For me, it's sadly already kind of wrapping up. (My favorite part, not the holiday season itself.) I really like the period from approximately December 1st- 10th. Here's why: So, before that is sort of still in Thanksgiving territory,… Continue reading Do you have a favorite part of the holiday season? And a cat cartoon

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Advent calendar season + St. Nick

It's Advent calendar season. As you probably are too, I am seeing a lot of things about advent calendars and advent season around right now. It's a lovely tradition. I especially love the idea of doing something special every day leading up to Christmas, not just the "open a door and get a candy" variety.… Continue reading Advent calendar season + St. Nick