Halloween 2021 Highlights

Yay, Halloween was so much fun! I’m rather tired now, however, and I think teachers everywhere will be facing some sleepy children today, too. 🙂

Here are the highlights from our day yesterday:

  • I ran some errands in the morning- grocery store/ Target. The cloudy morning turned sunny by the time I left the store, and the trees around here are still very beautiful!

On a whim I also noticed the newly stocked shelves with Christmas lights at Target. You keep hearing how supply will be short this year on things like this, so I grabbed a whole bunch (tried to calculate our outdoor lights set up + other various indoor strands we typically use, on the fly…). I don’t actually think we need all these lights, but I wanted to get my hands on some in case they run out early!! I am planning to inventory my actual stock this week of what still works, and then return what I don’t need ASAP.

  • At home in the afternoon, we did a bunch of fun Halloween/ fall stuff. First, I lit my new pumpkin candle that Asher bought me for my birthday:
Also made sure to drink out of my Halloween mug
  • Then, Ethan and I baked some cupcakes.
With Hocus Pocus on the TV in the background, for more Halloween ambience. 😉

My mom helped frost them:

  • After those were in the oven, we decided we had enough time to quick carve our pumpkins after all.
We didn’t have time to get too crazy/ creative, but I think they still turned out cute for a last minute pumpkin job! Asher made the ghost scene.
  • I had to shower quickly and the boys got themselves ready to go. Ethan headed over to his friend’s in the neighborhood, and I dropped Asher at his friend’s house (with the other DC Villians). They all looked so good!!!

Here is Ethan in his Batman “costume”. (He has a black cape on his back, too. Hard to see in the pic.)

I felt better about his “weak” (IMO) costume after I saw the pic of him with all his friends….seems like many of the 13 year old boys went fairly light on their dress-up game this year. 🙂

And here is Asher’s “Batman Scarecrow” costume!

This was the inspiration/ look he was modeling his own costume after:

Obviously not identical, but he did the best he could! He worked really hard to put it all together. 🙂 We had to buy the shoes, pants, hat, coat, burlap, rope, makeup, etc. Luckily, he had a flannel shirt already. Haha!

  • While they were off trick or treating, I finished making the chili. We have a lot of leftovers!!! But that’s okay, because chili is great as leftovers.
  • I wore my new Dia de los Muertos shirt:
  • Ivan bought himself one, too. Actually he bought shirts for the boys as well- maybe tonight we can take a family pic. The kids’ are really cool.
  • When the boys got home, they did the usual “sort the candy” and I made them pose for some pics outside with the jack o’lanterns on:

We ended up eating our traditional chili dinner a bit later than usual, but that’s okay. It was a very nice day!!!

How was your Halloween???

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the little flashlight on my iphone. I use that thing ALL the time! So handy.

3 thoughts on “Halloween 2021 Highlights”

  1. Looks like such a great day. And I’m firmly of the belief you can never have too many Christmas lights! I have been that person that had to trudge out to the store at 8 pm because we discovered we didn’t have enough sets half-way through decorating the Christmas tree. I’ve learned from past mistakes and now stockpile a few extra strands every year!

    Our Halloween was GREAT this year. I’ve never been “in” to Halloween and always sort of dread it. But between making a costume for Abby, to the fun pumpkin snowman the rest of the family prepared (while I stayed inside nursing a cup of coffee), to the torrential rain all day that threatened to ruin Halloween until supper time when it cleared and A GIANT RAINBOW came out over our neighbourhood, to the fact this was the first year one of our “babies” went off with friends to trick-or-treat (how did I get to be a Mom of a kid old enough to go off with friends to do this)…it was a lot of fun.

    And now I’m glad it’s over and I’m looking forward to settling in for all the Christmas coziness to come (I live in Canada, so we’re well past Thanksgiving).


  2. sounds like a fun day! and love the costumes. I miss carving pumpkins, We used to do it while we lived in the US but there are no big pumpkins in the Philippines.
    Your chili looks great. which recipes do you follow?


  3. So fun! You guys had a full and fun day! Your pumpkins turned out great – love the use of the teeth!! That is very clever! We had teens come by with no costume so I think Ethan’s is definitely good enough. I used to be kind of snippy about teens trick or treating, especially w/out costumes, but my perspective changed after hearing Megan from the Mom Hour share her perspective about it. We certainly had plenty of candy as Phil always seems to overbuy! We only get 25-30 trick or treaters and probably over half are from our block! So I guess our block just doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

    Good call to stock up on lights while you can! We don’t decorate outdoors besides putting up wreaths and planters. I want to do something someday but this is not the year for it… Phil is not into outdoor decorations so it will be something I’ll manage. Maybe next year will be the year I do something!


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