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Long weekend

We had a long Sat.-Sun.-Mon. weekend here in the U.S., thanks to Labor Day. We also had two of Ivan’s cousins (a brother and sister) come to stay with us for this week from Mexico City. (They’d been with an aunt in California for the past several weeks). ALSO, Ethan had a soccer tournament in Illinois (just over the border…

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Day 13: Acadia to Scranton, PA

All good things must come to an end, of course. Thursday morning was our day to pack it up and head towards home. First, a picture from Wednesday that I forgot to insert… the classic “pose for a picture with the National park sign” shot. 🙂 We drove by these signs repeatedly during the week but never stopped. Finally on…

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Whew, I’m back

Hello and happy Wednesday! It’s been a while. These last days have been FULL but fun. Asher and I left around 2 pm Friday afternoon for a 3 day swim meet ~1 1/2 hours away (but near my parents’ house). He swam right away Friday evening, so we went straight to the pool. We got there for warm ups by…

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La suegra is heading home :(

Ivan’s mom (my suegra, or mother-in-law) is leaving to go back to Mexico on Sunday, after spending over 2 months here in the U.S.! We picked her up from my sister-in-law’s last night and took her out for pizza at a really nice local restaurant. I sent this picture to Ivan at work and said, “Heyyyy, look!! No leggings or…

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I am not throwing away my shot

Happy Sunday! I ended up having a pretty great Saturday, after some plans shifted and my day unexpectedly opened up. The morning was fairly lazy but included checking off a couple more months worth of photo organization. Still chugging along on this photo project. Ethan and I cleaned out his closet. It badly needed it and had been bugging me…

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