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Today: Today looks like a day I will definitely need to utilize some time blocking. I have several obligations sprinkled in that I need to schedule my work around. We are also closing in on a deadline at work. We need to have the kidney transplant data complete up to a certain point hopefully before I leave for vacation on…

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Soar like the eagle you are :)

In honor of the Olympics kicking off today (Opening Ceremony is on live right now!!) AND Asher kicking off Day 1 of the Wisconsin 12&Under Long Course State Swimming Championship meet this afternoon, here’s a little inspirational story I saved the other day. (I have heard other, simpler versions of this story, but I like this one the best.) “A…

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Friday 5

Friday 5: Random

5 random things I have either done this week or been thinking about: The Olympics I am greatly looking forward to the Olympics starting next week! Opening ceremonies are Friday, July 23. I am pretty bummed that there won’t be any spectators, though!!! After the whole delay thing last summer, I was really hoping, for the athletes’ sake, that it…

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