Wisdom Wednesday- Don’t wish your life away….

Last night as he was getting ready for bed, Asher said, “Ughhhh it’s only Tuesday!! Why can’t it just be Friday already?” I asked him why, and he said, “Well, school days are just more boring and I want it to be the weekend already.” I replied as my Mom used to say to me all the time, “DON’T WISH…

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Laugh it up!

While I was eating a salad at my desk yesterday afternoon, I read this article called Why You Need a Humor Audit: the Benefits of Laughter. I like humor and I really do love to laugh, so it was intriguing to me. Two “humor experts” are interviewed for the article, and the main premise is that humor and laughter are…

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Happy file + Friday funnies

I keep a folder in my email that I refer to as my “happy file”. It’s a place where I save things that are either interesting, insightful, funny, or inspirational. Basically anything that I might want to look back on- but not things like, a tax document I need to save. 🙂 It comes in handy for me quite often,…

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Be happy now

Oh, sigh. Life feels heavy at the moment. COVID is hitting Ivan’s close friends & family circle hard in Mexico right now. I won’t go into many details, as it’s not really my story to tell. But he has lost several people close to him in a short time span and it is heart breaking. (His parents and siblings are…

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