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Late nights + a happy kid

ARGH the Olympics are killing me here. I’m ready for a western country to host the Olympics so the coverage can be in MY time zone!! hahahaha.

The last several Olympics have been in Asia which obviously means a HUGE time difference. It actually doesn’t work out too bad from China, because our prime-time viewing (7-10 pm or so Central time) matches up with their mid-morning time frame across the globe. So if they have skating competitions at 9 a.m., for example, we can watch it live here at a reasonable hour too.

But last night, I really, really wanted to watch Nathan Chen’s short program- and he was at the very end. He didn’t skate until just after 11 pm Central time. Ivan and I stayed up and watched until the end and it was SPECTACULAR!!! Definitely worth a short night of sleep. 🙂 Gave me goosebumps to see him just nail it under all that pressure. I was like, Yes, Nathan, Yes! Atta boy. 🙂

The boys were watching until about 9:15-9:30 and then they hit the hay. (I recorded it and they watched Chen during breakfast this morning.) They really want to watch Shaun White take on the half-pipe tonight!

Speaking of athletes, my own little athlete had a hot day on Sunday, too.

Asher had a swim meet and had the best meet he has had in a long time. This whole season has been solid but a little stagnant for him, and he was feeling a little frustrated. For a 12 year old, he has had a pretty chill attitude about it all and hasn’t really let it ruffle his feathers too much though. He has a pretty mature mindset most days and instead of getting upset, will say things like, “Well, I know I won’t always get best times every time I swim” (very true) or “It’s okay, I just have to keep working and it will all even out in the end.” (also very true)

But now that the season is wrapping up, I think he was really hoping to wind down on a high note, with State coming up in a few weeks. He opted to not swim the Saturday session and just competed on Sunday only this time. He nailed it, too, getting 3 consecutive State cuts back to back to back. He was HAPPY!! We were excited for him too. There are lots of ups and downs in swimming, so it’s fun to celebrate the ups when they come back around.

His post race “cool” look after his backstroke race…haha. I unfortunately didn’t get a pic of him touching the wall, whipping his head up to look at the scoreboard and then turning to find us in the bleachers with a huge grin on his face when he saw he got a cut time. Those are the best moments! I also didn’t video record a single race. Oops.

On one of his races they announced it was a “hot heat”, which meant that whoever won that race would get to pick a special prize afterwards. (It’s just like the Olympics, you see. They also call the swimmers up to pick a prize out of a bucket when they win, too.🤣) He was extra excited though for that fun little boost, he won that race and he got to pick a prize! (It was a $3.95 pack of stickers. lol. But still- fun!)

Not the best pic, but his favorite was this goggles sticker. He slid it in behind his phone case, which is kinda perfect for my little swimmer to carry around with him.

After the meet we were STARVING…it was after 2:30 pm and we hadn’t eaten anything really all day. We tried to go to Chili’s but they had a staffing issue going on and a huge waitlist, so Asher asked for Olive Garden (which is next door). He said he wanted “steak” to celebrate his good day. Hmm…. Normally we don’t order steak for our 12 year old for an average meal out, but we decided to let him have at it this time. It was basically lunch and dinner in one, plus leftovers, anyway. 😉 And it felt like a day worth celebrating for him.

Asher is the carnivore of the family….. he LOVES meat, especially steak. I’ve been trying to talk to him about limiting meat, especially red meat consumption, so that he doesn’t get too used to overdoing it….Trying to reinforce the idea of sporadic consumption/ “eat and enjoy sparingly”.

Ok, back to work now! These late Olympic nights are killing my morning routine.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a 40 degree day coming up here today!! It’s been soooooo cold these last few weeks. I’m really hoping to get out for a walk. Asher and I went for a walk Sunday after being stuffed full of Olive Garden breadsticks, and it was relatively mild and beautiful out then, too.

4 thoughts on “Late nights + a happy kid”

  1. I go to bed so early so have barely watched any of the olympics! I am glad 2026 will be in Italy so I will have a chance to watch some of the coverage! I just watched Nathan Chen’s performance on youtube, though. Totally gave me chills! I knew he achieved a world record score and he was quoted in an article about his fist pump at the end of the program and how it’s not like him to do that but dang, kid, that warranted a fist pump in the air!

    Way to go Ethan! That is cool that they do little prizes for heats. I’ve never been to a swim meet! We didn’t even have a swimming pool in my home town so clearly swimming was not an extracurricular option! I highly doubt Paul will be drawn to that since we’ve struggle to get him on board with swimming lessons… but maybe Will will be our swimmer. He loves bathtime so much! I’m going to enroll him in swimming lessons in the spring. It’s a good way to get them used to the water. Paul loved them but then we had a giant break thanks to covid and that was horrible for him. 😦 Especially going from being in the water with me to being on his own.


  2. I haven’t watched any Olympics because of the time difference. Very sad.

    Ethan really earned that steak – that looked delicious and now I am hungry. Luckily, it’ll soon be time for dinner.


  3. It’s great you can still watch some shows …. I can’t stay up past 8pm these days. hehehe… nor my girls. Only hubby is following the games so closely. He told me about this chinese american girl that seems perfect head to toe. I’m like… really? I don’t want any of my girls to be like her. I’d rather them to be “mediocre” and not getting all the pressure and spotlights. She looks like an adult but all those young athletes, I wonder they were fast-grown without proper emotional development. sigh… I don’t think i’ll have a famous athlete at home.


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