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Today looks like a day I will definitely need to utilize some time blocking. I have several obligations sprinkled in that I need to schedule my work around.

We are also closing in on a deadline at work. We need to have the kidney transplant data complete up to a certain point hopefully before I leave for vacation on Saturday. (I think we are on track to actually hit it a little early! Fingers crossed, but I think we could realistically finish it up by tomorrow.)

Ethan has a swim lesson at 10:00, too. His teacher is only available during the day, and mostly just mornings. I don’t mind, though. It’s just 30 minutes and the gym is super close to our house. I actually enjoy sitting on the pool deck and half-watching/ half-reading my book.

Later, I need to run him over to a Coding camp he is doing this afternoon from 1-4. Of the two boys, Ethan has definitely had less structured activity this summer (by his choice….). I’ve mentioned that he has been ALL about the friends. friends. friends. this summer. It borderline annoys me sometimes.

I feel like he may be in for a rude awakening when school starts back up. When he has anything he “has” to do these days, he tends to give me a semi-incredulous look like, “What?? I have somewhere to BE???? Hmph.”

The coding camp was a birthday gift from my parents, actually. At 13 now, he is getting a bit harder to buy presents for. Now that the boys don’t really play with toys too much any more, it’s a little tricky. I like the idea of moving more toward “experience” type gifts sometimes, especially from relatives, etc. The boys really don’t need much more “stuff”, generally anyway.

The coding camp he is doing. There are locations all over the U.S.

He LOVED day 1 of the camp, though- a non-friend activity that he was actually excited about! yay! It’s a “Learn to Build Your Own Website” camp, and it sounds like they are learning about html and css and javascript and all the stuff I wish I knew about, because it would make fixing blog issues much easier. 🙂

Other Random:

1- I’m starting to miss Asher!! He’s been gone since Thursday. I saw him briefly on Sunday for the hand-off/ camp-drop off, but that’s it. I was driving and then he was off and on his way. Barely even snagged a hug.

2- I am annoyed with the news coverage constantly ruining the Olympics results for everyone in the Western hemisphere!!! I knew Simone Biles was going to finally be BACK in competition on the balance beam today (I think it was happening live around like 3:30-4:30 a.m. our time….). So I planned to stay completely off Facebook today/ avoid news and thought I would watch it in primetime tonight. Yeah. Literally the second I turned my alarm clock off, an Apple News ALERT popped up on my phone screen at like 5:31 a.m. with the result. THANKS GUYS. Ugh the media is so annoying, in so, so many ways. (I will spare you the result, if you care and have managed to avoid it thus far.)

3- I am already plotting to see when I can fit a walk in today. I am VERY excited to listen to Best of Both Worlds’ episode today on labor division/ mental load within households. This a topic that I think about very, very often, and I am especially a big fan of the term “mental load”. This is the piece that I oftentimes think guys “just don’t get”, even though I have a husband who is generally great about pitching in and helping out/ dividing labor around the house.

Even when women delegate to-do items to men, in many cases, the woman still had to carry the burden of even knowing that said item needed to occur in the first place! (and any pertinent details). So “off the plate” doesn’t always really mean “off the plate”, at all. Very excited to hear this one!!

4- I went shopping last night for a few random things, and bought this extremely soft, cuddly PJ set!! I needed some longer shorts that are appropriate to wear, for example, around the boys’ friends at a sleepover, or while staying at someone else’s house, etc. I wasn’t even specifically looking for these, but I love them! I have a tank top that will match, and I am obsessed with the sweatshirt too. Sooooo soft!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a last minute meeting today getting scheduled at a time that does NOT interfere with when I need to run Ethan over to camp! Forgot to block my calendar.

3 thoughts on “Today/random”

  1. Haha, this is how teens are. I aimed for 50% activities for my 13 year old and 50% free time. They need 10-12 hours of sleep a night at this stage so she’s finally sleeping until 9 a.m. too. My co-worker has a 12 year old girl so we trade stories. Seventh grade was way hard for her, especially science, her favorite subject, so it’s been a welcome break.


    1. I wish mine would sleep longer!! He is finally starting to “sleep in” a little bit some days, but we’re lucky if he sleeps until 8. But of course he doesn’t want to go to bed very early, either….


  2. I bet the return to school will be good for Ethan. I think of how you often get the worst service in a restaurant when it’s not busy. Being busy forces you to be productive/not procrastinate! He’ll probably have a tough adjustment initially and then will get back in the swing of things!

    I really tried to avoid spoilers but it is HARD. I avoided all news and social media the day of the team women’s gymnastics combination. I told Phil how excited I was to watch it w/out knowing what happened and he was like – wow, I do not know how you did that. There was definitely NEWS today. I did accidentally overhear that they took silver during a newscast but I hadn’t heard about Biles leaving the competition. And then I missed what happened! Phil was swimming and had said he would do Paul’s bedtime when he got home. But after Simone’s vault I was like – ok, that wasn’t great but now I have some time and can put Paul down and still catch the rest. I came downstairs and Phil was like – well you missed it! She had just walked off the floor when he got home. Not a big deal because the whole situation was discussed ad nauseum. But still. I was wishing I hadn’t put Paul to bed! That’s what I get for going the extra mile! 😛


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