Deep thoughts, Kids

Scooter walks + Social culture

Scooter walk Yesterday morning we revived an old tradition- the scooter walk to school. Well, in their case, it’s technically to the bus stop, which is AT a school. Then they take the bus from there over to their actual school. We used to do this ALL THE TIME when they were younger. Previously they didn’t have to be there…

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Deep thoughts, Life

No such thing as normal

I spent probably ~35 minutes last night doing a modified version of my weekly review. Namely, updating my planner and entering events into Google Calendar (so they will show up on the Family Calendar on the fridge). I had gotten a little behind on this and had a bunch of changes/edits/additions to get on there. I have been realizing lately…

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Deep thoughts, Wisdom

What really matters in life?

I have been wanting to share this for a few days now. It’s something I got in an email last week and it really made an impact on me! It made me pause and think for a few minutes about what life is all about, and what the end goal really is. Apparently, this is referred to as the “Charles…

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Deep thoughts, Organization

A Few Deep Questions For You

1. Do you hit the snooze button?? I am slowly sinking back into this bad habit. No. Not slowly. I have sunk back into this bad habit. But, not as bad as before. (Used to literally hit the snooze button for over an hour sometimes, years ago….not proud.) Now, I have been hitting it once and then just laying there,…

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