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Type A- and spring scenes

As many of you might also, I feel like I hear reference to "Type A" personalities a lot. It seems to come up frequently in casual conversation. Example: Dealing with volunteer committee issues, and someone will comment that so- and so (who dropped the ball on something or is generally disorganized) apparently isn't very "Type… Continue reading Type A- and spring scenes

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Foreign language requirements: high school/ college

I only have a couple minutes, but just jotting down a little thought here quickly: So, Ethan just received all the info yesterday about registering for high school classes next year. (!!!!! EEK.) We now have a couple weeks to sort out which electives/ optional classes he wants to select to fill in his freshman… Continue reading Foreign language requirements: high school/ college

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Monday motivation: eliminate destructive mental habits

I set two calendar entries aside last week to save them: Read that again: If you have destructive mental habits- if you get annoyed and bothered easily, if you feel angry and frustrated a great deal of the time, or if you're constantly wishing things were different- these identical tendencies will follow you wherever you… Continue reading Monday motivation: eliminate destructive mental habits

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I'm always very intrigued by the concept of discipline. Self-discipline, I should clarify. There's something inspiring about observing people who are exceptionally disciplined, and it seems like an elusive "life skill" for many people. An area people commonly wish to improve on. Cal Newport's podcast yesterday focused on discipline with his guest, author Ryan Holiday.… Continue reading Discipline

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Information and overconfidence in decision making… plus other misc.

Some misc. things today..... 1- I read a short story about decision making yesterday: A psychologist gathered up 8 professional horse handicappers and told them he wanted to see how well they could predict the winners of horse races. Their test was to predict 40 horse races in four rounds. In round 1: Each gambler… Continue reading Information and overconfidence in decision making… plus other misc.

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Our brains + skewed realities

This week I've run across the topic of "reality" vs. "people's personal perceptions" of things in multiple places. It is truly a fascinating topic. A frustrating and confusing topic, but fascinating. One place I saw this message was in the Kindle version of the old book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. (I hadn't used… Continue reading Our brains + skewed realities

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Post-Mexico Travel: a love list

There's nothing like getting home after time away, especially after being in a developing country, to help you see the blessings in your own day to day life more clearly. Some things I love, but normally take for granted: 1- Consistent, basically unlimited hot water. The hot water "situation" in Mexico can be very fickle.… Continue reading Post-Mexico Travel: a love list

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Tired + some random musings on international travel

I woke up this morning AGAIN at ~3:15, making it the 4th day in a row I have woken up in the 3:00-4:00 a.m. hour. Today though, I felt determined to fall back to sleep. (The last few days I didn't really fight it and basically just got up extra early.) But I have been… Continue reading Tired + some random musings on international travel

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Follow-up/ good at life

Ooh, some great comments yesterday on my post about Nathan Chen/ the idea of him being "good at life"/ uber talented at everything, apparently! I was going to respond individually but figured I'd just comment back publicly in a new post. The main underlying theme from most people seemed to be a sense of skepticism… Continue reading Follow-up/ good at life