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Today: Today looks like a day I will definitely need to utilize some time blocking. I have several obligations sprinkled in that I need to schedule my work around. We are also closing in on a deadline at work. We need to have the kidney transplant data complete up to a certain point hopefully before I leave for vacation on…

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July was packed & pre-vacation week

JULY RECAP First, it is somehow August. July felt like an absolute blur. When I look back at my planner, it’s obvious why. We had family here for 4th of July weekend. Ethan’s birthday and sleepover party with his friends. 2 weekends of swim meets, one including a 3 night stay at my parent’s house + lots of driving. A…

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I’m happy to report we all survived our Six Flags Great America trip unscathed. It was a super fun day!! It was the 4 of us, plus one of Ethan’s best friends as well as Ivan’s 19 year old brother. Highlights: The boys are finally several inches taller than the 54″ minimum for all the big rollercoasters. The last time…

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4th of July LONG weekend!

Happy belated 4th of July!!! This felt like an extra long holiday weekend- I guess because it actually was. It was so nice having the holiday fall on a Sunday- both Ivan and I had off then on Monday in observance of the holiday. (This is always a pet peeve of mine, especially with holidays that traditionally are celebrated “late”…

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Summer school surprise

So, on Monday evening, after his first day “home alone” (Ethan’s at camp) and his first day back from swim camp/Iowa meet, Asher declared, “I can’t wait to go back to school. Just being home is kind of boring. Can I do summer school???” I was like, “Wait, what?!” I honestly hadn’t even really talked to him much about summer…

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