I’m tired of covid

I haven’t written much about covid lately. Back when the blog was new (and the pandemic was new), I feel like I wrote about it all the time. I am just so over it, I can barely stand to talk about it, much less write about it. I am just so tired of covid. I am tired of the debates.…

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3 Things Thursday: School, workouts, covid

Today is the last day of summer school already! I know Asher started a week late, but these last few weeks have flown by. This morning he wraps it up. He has seemed to REALLY enjoy it, despite “being the only boy” in a couple of his art classes. I’m glad to see him enthused about getting up and going…

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COVID, Goals, Kids

1st day of June, covid milestones, misc.

Day 1 of June was a success, in regards to my “new goals”. Beginner’s luck, probably. Hehe. Of course, day 1 is always pretty easy. It’s not like I really set any huge lofty goals anyway, but it still felt good to be intentional about checking a few things off. Workout: ✅ (Did workout #79 from Morning Meltdown called Meltcon,…

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Work from home policy post-covid & Asher’s art :)

This week the hospital sent out a newsletter update, part of which outlined the newly updated “work from home” policy. It talked about how COVID really changed the perspective on work from home positions- which prior to the pandemic were fairly rare within the hospital administration world. In the Transplant department, my data analyst role was one of the few…

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Friday 5

Friday List

In no particular order, a random list on a Friday of happenings. I feel a little…tired. Not really sleepy tired, just kind of “end-of-the-week” tired, maybe? Like, I’m not in the mood to try to come up with exactly 5 things to do a cute Friday 5 post. 😉 1- Ethan is scheduled for the Pfizer vaccine next Tuesday! I…

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