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Quoting myself from 2020

One very fun thing about keeping any kind of journal or written record of your life is being able to look back on it. Since we are sitting right around the 1 year mark now for the whole Coronavirus situation exploding in our faces, I decided to look back on what I was thinking at this time last year. If…

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Books, COVID

Audiobooks, Germs, This is Us- in no particular order

3 random things on my mind…. 1. Audiobooks vs. Podcasts I mentioned last week I’ve been listening to The Self-Driven Child on audiobook (checked out from the library app). On the whole, the book has improved I think quite a bit and it’s actually turning out to be pretty good. I used to listen to audiobooks all the time, but…

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Gratitude, Weekends

Saturday attitude and gratitude :)

OKAY Wisco weather, very funny. Today I woke up to a real temperature of -6 and my iphone cheerfully informed me that the wind chill was -20. AND, this time, it is also snowing. How can it even snow when it’s that cold?? I thought that was like, a meteorological impossibility. Ah, well. There is a light at the end…

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Whatever Wednesday

I have no real topic in mind to write about today, so how about a little of this and a little of that? COVID I feel like I used to talk about covid all the time on the blog, back in the spring. Now, I guess it’s old news. Ha. It is exciting that it seems that here in WI…

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Be happy now

Oh, sigh. Life feels heavy at the moment. COVID is hitting Ivan’s close friends & family circle hard in Mexico right now. I won’t go into many details, as it’s not really my story to tell. But he has lost several people close to him in a short time span and it is heart breaking. (His parents and siblings are…

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