red purple and yellow tulip fields

Happy Spring

My phone says it is 28 degrees outside, but it is technically spring. So, Happy Spring!! 🙂 I love tulips and they of course seem to be the universal sign of spring, although we definitely do not have any tulips blooming around here yet. Actually, we don’t have any tulips in our yard. I wish we did, though. Maybe I…

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Gratitude, Life

5 Good Things

1- Finally getting my Christmas decorations taken down!! I love Christmas so much, but there does come a point when I’m like, okay, it is OVER. Could the magic Christmas fairy please come in and just remove everything now?? 🙂 Since we we left for vacation right after New Year’s, I didn’t have a chance to deal with any of…

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Family Fun, Weekends

Beautiful day/ sleepless night

After getting to bed too late last night (my fault/choice), I woke up around 3 am after a creepy dream. It had a very scary (and very realistic!) climax which jolted me awake and literally had adrenaline buzzing through me for a few minutes. It was a perfect representation of how the mind/physical body are united-the fear caused an actual…

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