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Back from State weekend, and it’s hot

Well, that’s a wrap on the State swimming weekend for Asher. This also means that his season has come to end. It’s been a pretty bizarre year and a half with swim team in general, due to covid. Everything came to a total halt last spring, followed by a summer with very, very small and more infrequent practices. Meets were…

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Solo Ethan weekend & more camp

This is one of those times in life that feels like, what’s the saying?? A beautiful mess? Everything has felt a bit chaotic and hectic over the last couple weeks (actually, couple months, really), but so much of it is so GOOD! So this isn’t a complaint. 🙂 Let’s see…so, I got home from swim camp on Thursday night with…

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Weekend + Kid-free time!!!

This has been a really glorious weekend so far. Saturday I spent a bunch of time alone with the boys. Ethan had a soccer game an hour north of here at 9 am, but Ivan had to work for a bit so I took them by myself. Weather was really nice and afterwards we stopped at a huge antique mall.…

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Gratitude, Life

Sunday gratitude

A Sunday gratitude brain dump: We got to watch Ethan’s soccer game last night, and my parents met us there. He scored the first goal of the game and it was a beautiful one. I’m grateful no one blinked, looked away, accidentally missed it, etc. 🙂 (Every parent with kids in sports knows what I mean?? Why does this always…

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A fun start to the weekend

Last night felt like a busy, but fun, start to the weekend. Asher had received an invite to play laser tag right after school at a local bowling alley with the 5 other boys in his school cohort (same boys that are together all day, every day- plus masked). He was really happy to get to go do something SOCIAL!!…

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