Friday 5

Friday 5: Random

5 random things I have either done this week or been thinking about:

  1. The Olympics

I am greatly looking forward to the Olympics starting next week! Opening ceremonies are Friday, July 23.

I am pretty bummed that there won’t be any spectators, though!!! After the whole delay thing last summer, I was really hoping, for the athletes’ sake, that it could somehow be a mostly “normal” Olympics this year.

Also, I love watching the coverage- especially the interviews with the parents/fans in the stands, going crazy. Live sporting events with empty stadiums this whole past year have felt very odd when you see them on TV. So this stinks!! 😦 (The spike of covid cases in Tokyo is concerning on so many other more important levels, of course, too.)

My favorite summer Olympic sports to watch are always the swimming, gymnastics and track. I just love it all, though. Always so exciting! I especially love all the personal interest reporting they do on the athletes, about their long, hard fought journeys to make it there. Even the Olympic anthem gets me all excited. 🙂

2. Work- new position filled

You might remember I said we were hiring another Registered Nurse Data Analyst for the transplant program I work for (my same job, just adding an additional position). I tried to recruit a friend/ past co-worker who I thought would be perfect.

Unfortunately, there were quite a few applicants, and someone else got the job. My manager just announced it finally this week.

The good news, though, is that the person they ended up hiring is another nurse I used to work with! And she is fantastic too. So, I’m happy that we will have a highly experienced transplant nurse in the role (who I also really, really like), but I’m sad for my other friend that she didn’t get it.

In reality, both my friend and this other nurse have almost the exact same qualifications, so it was a nearly impossible choice. (I had some input, but ultimately it wasn’t my decision, anyway.) Unfortunately, we couldn’t hire both….Sounded like the manager literally almost had to flip a coin to decide between the two of them.

3- Black Widow

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blackwidow_lob_crd_06.jpg

We went to a movie on Tuesday night for the first time in ages. Man, it felt awesome to see cars in the theater parking lot again!! It really did feel like old times.

We watched the new Marvel movie that’s out, Black Widow, with Scarlett Johannsen.

It was….good, I think! I’m not particularly well versed in Marvel movies (though I’ve seen a bunch over the years).

I spent maybe the first 1/3 kind of confused as to what was happening, the second 1/3 kind of wishing I could maybe BE Scarlett Johannsen (because, come on, could she be any more badass?!), and then the final 1/3 just enjoying the action. 🙂

4. Sleeping Queens

I learned to play a new game this week. It’s one the boys tried out in NYC at our AirbNb condo a few years ago, and I later got them for Christmas….but I’d never actually played it. It’s a pretty simple yet surprisingly FUN game! I’ve played maybe 10 rounds this week between a couple sessions with each of the boys.

5. Bucks + NBA Finals

I am not a basketball fan. Not at all. It is probably one of my least favorite sports. Never played it, never liked it, never watch it. BUT- our Milwaukee Bucks are actually in the NBA finals! So, I have tried to tune in a bit.

Wednesday night was game 4 and they WON! It was quite a nail biter at the end. It’s apparently best of 7 games (I didn’t even know the rules…again, not a basketball fan…). They are currently tied with the Phoenix Suns at 2-2 in the series. The heat is on!

Next game is Saturday. Let’s see if they can pull this thing off. I will try to remember to watch!! 😉

What have you been up to this week?

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for some new highlighters I just bought. I use them for work and needed some badly. Kept forgetting to pick some up, and I finally did.

3 thoughts on “Friday 5: Random”

  1. I only cared about the NBA when the Bulls were in their glory years and winning back-to-back titles! But I was excited to see a small market team in the finals and that’s who I hope wins! A good documentary to watch if you haven’t already is ‘The Last Dance’ – it’s on Netflix and is about the Bulls during the 90s. It was so well done!

    I am excited for the Olympics, too, and my fave sports as the same as yours. I also like diving! But I will pretty much watch anything! The summer olympics is my favorite as I’m not a big winter sports person.

    Bummer about your friend not getting the job but I’m glad you know and like the person they hired!

    This week has felt long since it was a 5-day work week for the first time in 2 weeks (I got off early on 7/2 since the bond market closed early for the holiday). I’ve been enjoying the weather, though. We’ve been able to be outside for a bit when the boys get home from school which is really nice. It’s been too hot for that for much of the summer but the weather in the evening has been so comfortable!


  2. I love olympics too! loving seeing athletes performing their best. bummer that they won’t have audience this year.
    great that you’ll have a new co-worker that you like, so important! I didn’t realize it until I have a team that I absolutely want to see everyday!


  3. I am bummed for your friend but honestly in the long run it might be best that you don’t work with your friend. I find it difficult to “work” with friends. I know when I was at the insurance company I worked for in IL, everyone knew EVERYONE and one of my friends applied for a job in my area and while I shared her information with my hiring manager I was concerned how our friendship might be impacted if we worked together everyday. She didn’t get the position because they ended up doing a restructure in my area and the posting was never filled. Our friendship survived and I ended up leaving the company a year or so later. She ended up taking my role at the old company! 😉

    What age range is the card game for? Thinking about getting for a friend and her two little boys. They are younger than your boys though. Thoughts?


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