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Wheeeeee that was fun to watch last night!!

Chloe Kim on snowboarding halfpipe= GOLD

Nathan Chen on figure skating= GOLD

They were both absolutely spectacular. That’s the only word that kept popping into my mind. SPECTACULAR! (I like that word. It sounds like a definite step up from “great” or “amazing”. Spectacular is up there with maybe OUTSTANDING!)

I’m just thrilled for these young athletes. I know some people aren’t into the Olympics, and if that’s you, I’m sorry to keep bringing it up! But it’s just FUN to see these moments fall into place for them. I couldn’t stop smiling watching their reactions. I’m such an empath, so I was feeling all the feels for them. 🙂

Pure joy!

I went to bed at 12:30 a.m. last night. Yup! When I saw that Chen was skating after 11 pm, I thought, “You know what? I’m staying up. This only comes around once every 4 years and he is a once in a generation skater! I really enjoy watching it and besides, I don’t HAVE to wake up super early. YOLO.”

So we did! It was great. The boys went to bed, of course, but Ivan and I stayed up with the fireplace on watching the live coverage, and I enjoyed every second.

I had a good workout yesterday too, albeit not an Olympic caliber one. I can’t tell you how good it feels for me to back into a more structured workout regimen again. It’s one of those things that just really makes an impact on my overall wellbeing, mental health, physical health- everything!

However, it’s all too easy to get out of the routine- and it’s also one of those things that sometimes feels a little worse before it feels better. Sometimes the effort of making it happen seems kind of…meh. Like, ugh, I’m not in the mood, I feel tired, I feel lazy, I don’t have time, I’m out of the habit, etc. But I’d say after a good couple weeks back in the saddle, the benefits really start pouring in tenfold!! You just have to get over that little initial hurdle.

So, this is my friendly PSA: If you said you wanted to exercise more in 2022, and you’re not- why not?! DO IT!

Yesterday was a dream come true for me in the weight room. It was literally empty!!! Ahhhh yes. Perfection. No crowds, no sharing equipment or waiting my turn….in my next life I’m going to have more money and build my own private gym, all for myself. 😉

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for being able to “sleep in” until almost 7 a.m. today. I basically got up when the kids did- VERY rare for me. But I’m grateful for this flexibility.

4 thoughts on “Spectacular”

  1. I actually love staying up late to watch sporting events live. I RARELY do it, but I get a real thrill when I do.
    I fell asleep during the last run of the half-pipe competition, but it is so incredible to watch.
    And watching a fabulous skater in front of a fireplace sounds about as perfect as one can get for a winter evening.


  2. totally agree! working out makes a huge different to my mental health and mood more than physical health. yet, the gym/weight lifting makes me so tired the next day. any tip?


  3. I am way more into the olympics than Phil is but he will watch it when I am up. I loved watching the women and men’s halfpipe snowboarding competition. I wish Shaun would have medaled but it was still fun to watch and wow those guys are talented! And Chloe Kim is just so awesome! She was on a Sesame Street episode and did such a great job! I did not get to see Chen’s performance live but enjoyed the replay last night. I love that he picked such a fun medley of songs! He killed it!

    I have kept my bedtime during the games, though. My alarm = my kids and they wake me between 5:30-6 every day. Sometimes we will get lucky, the stars will align and they both sleep until 6:30 but that happens so so so rarely. So I have my lights out at 9:30 every night. We don’t have cable so I can’t record things either so I usually just watch things on youtube or elsewhere. Not the same as watching it live but oh well. I’m glad the next 2 Olympics are in Europe so it should be easier for me to watch? We’ll see. I guess morning broadcasted things will be hard to watch since it will be middle of the night here. But I think it will overall be easier to watch things live!


  4. I definitely thrive on routine and can get quite upset if things throw me off (because I know it’s harder to get back into it). But we really should all know better: it’s worth it every single time.


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